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For designers, function and the beauty are necessary. When we have a chance to visit the house of a middle aged man—Khun Daeng, Chatchai Phromathattaweti, the committee and the secretary of Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (bacc) and the owner of the architectural design under the name Pro Space, we found one more necessary thing. It is an inspiration which drives us to create good works and to fulfill our lives.

A modern box building with 8 stories in Soi Sukhumvit 52, covered with greenish ornamental climbing plants which look exotically beautiful. The house is prominent in red and is distinctive from the neighbors; however, its structure remains fit with the context surrounding the site of the condominium. The owner uses this place both for the architect company office and the residential purposes; a curtain part is stored with a collection of old pieces of works and artworks by young and senior artists. This makes the guest feel that all belongings in every corner of this house is so beautiful and has sentimental value.

“The location is in the center of the city surrounded by a lot of condominiums. If I built a two-story house, it would be completely overlaid by those condos. Thus, I have to build a tall building to blend with the neighbors but more prominent than them (laughter). I have a team in a company to help design the house. The concept is nothing much, and I intend to use climbing plants to cover the building. The interior focuses on showing the structure and the real texture of materials. I like something raw and handsome, the focus is rather on the decoration because I want this place to be an office and a house as well. The first three floors are allocated as the working offices, and the forth to the eighth floor is set as the private parts. I like being with nature and growing plants. I would like to have a fresh area, so I build a sky garden with a swimming pool on the eighth floor because I also like to exercise.” The owner said.

When we hit elevator up to the house, we would like to start the tour from the fourth floor of a multi-purpose room for a party, an area for relaxation, a space for displaying pieces of artwork collected by the house owner. It is designed as a mini museum in a dark tone. The ceiling and walls are designed to show the bare concrete surface and the electricity system which make the room raw and handsome. One thing that is noticeable; it is the arrangement of space to be fully functional. There are also other little details of decoration including selection of furniture in the room which show a clear identity and help every piece blend together remarkably well.

Khun Daeng told us about the background. “I myself decorate the 4th to the 8th floor without any theme or concept. (Laughter) I put things that I like into the place. Some doors or windows are from the old house. I’d like the house to look casual. Most pieces of furniture are movable because I get bored quite easily. The moveable decor is easy to change and move; it is suitable for my house for I enjoy making new atmosphere.”

The 5th and the 6th floors are allocated as private residential parts of Khun Daeng and guests. On the 7th floor, as climbing up the concrete stairs, pieces of the artwork of Ajan Chaleomchai Khositpipat and Ajan Wasan strike our eyes. The room is divided into a dining area and a western kitchen surrounded by transparent glasses to allow natural light in. Fulfill natural atmosphere into the house with green ivies covering the area outside, we can overlook green views from the room.

The other part is allocated as a living area covered with Black Rose Wood floor to add warmth into the space. Additionally, there is a slide partition that can be opened from both sides for privacy. At the terrace outside for enjoying city views, there is a small staircase connected to the 8th floor- the highlight of this house which is a rooftop pool in in a square shape of 20 square meters surrounded by wild plants to make a full contact with nature. Apart from the natural beauty arranged, red concrete beams lining fit the place harmoniously. Khun Daeng whispered us that this spot is the best checking point. It has the best city view at night; we can enjoy watching the city view of buildings and lights.

Since we believed that any good pieces of artwork need not be located in a sky-high price mansion or in the huge and elegant place, all things can be set and put as what we like, under the familiar atmosphere. As this house, being in a right environment and getting inspiration from any things surrounded can bring us a great happiness.


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