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Along the mountain ranges in Petchabun Province, there is a house in harmony with the peaceful atmosphere. Green natural surroundings bring freshness to visitors like us. Once the conversation begins, we found out that the house is different from general houses we have seen. It is not about appearance but components and lifestyles.

With abundance and the tranquility of the natural environment here, Khun Pol who is an owner of this house decides to build his own villa house for relaxing times and for serving a real lifestyle of his family doing meditation. As he needs the house to be able to exist by itself, sustainability and harmony with nature are the main questions that Khun Pol gave to his architect to consider. “No water supply and no electricity at all when we had our first survey at this place. . However, as it is desired by my customers; I have to find out the way for the house to be able to exist on its own. At present, although water supply and electricity are already installed; they still prefer a same old lifestyle. It is really good that there is no problem for living at all even electricity goes out, (smiles).

The structure of the house is concrete but its main construction material is wood because wood is easy to find out in local area. Moreover, it is easy for maintenance when time passes. The special highlight of this house is about the way of its existence. From the beginning, electricity was generated from wind and power generators. The house is designed to be an energy-saving house; the wall is entirely installed with tempered glass that allows light to enter the house to help saving electricity during daytime. In addition, tempered glass can protect the house from hails during changes of weather conditions within this area too. Then, an air-conditioner is not necessary because the house is arranged with a tall and spacious ceiling and wooden louvers installed surrounding the whole building are good for ventilation in the house all day long.

The house equipped with a double roof. The lower roof is made of concrete attached with rain water storages and pipes. The rain water will drain along the pipe to be used in a garden. Meanwhile, there is water supply from the mountain provided for household usage. The upper roof is crafted with steel metal and wooden slat lath. Heat air from the house will be ventilated and taken upper through this roof. Then, it is cool inside the house. The basement of the house is leveled up from the ground to prevent humidity. The floor is topped with pebbles to keep reptiles away from the house. Additionally, the house uses black light lamps. It is the way to apply local wisdom to use in real life friendlily with surrounding environments.

The terrace surround the house obviously allow the owner to see panoramic views without any safety rail-guard to obstruct the view. The whole space serves the owner’s favorite lifestyle of doing meditation very well. The highlight is a big Buddha image shelf which is designed to look neatly simple. Modern details are added by installing indirect light behind the Buddha image. Then the Buddha image looks dimensional and gorgeous. Most pieces furniture are floated to make the house look spacious. Moreover, there are movable for functional changes. The other interesting spot is a bathroom which is separated from the house. The big open bathroom is covered with various sizes of trees making it perfectly blend into the nature. All components can enhance charms and interest into the house.

Simplicity of the modern style hides a sustainable way of life which is perfectly blended with those of mountainous surroundings. It is a house that really provide happiness whenever visiting. “This house is created to provide peace. It is for real relaxation. Its true character is not being alien to the natural surroundings”.


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By Oom, 20/07/2017
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