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Loving nature brings about a villa house on the hill in Kuyburi Distric of Prachuab Kirikhan belonging to Khun Nonglak Ensworth.  With a simple concept, the highlight of this bedroom is on its open design. Functions of the room are varied according to decorative items and pieces of favorite furniture arranged. The hint of rawness can be touched by selecting and putting all materials together in harmony.

The atmosphere inside the bedroom is decorated to be airy and comfortable. By the way, the room still looks raw and cool with uncoated concrete wall that really makes the wall dimensional. Then, the wall doesn’t look too plain. Furniture and wooden floor taken from the old house are all in a natural brown tone. The floor is lifted off the ground to reduce shrinkage and swelling of woods as well as prevent them from termites. In addition, the room looks much warmer too. A built-in wardrobe is selected for the room to perfectly fit to the function needed by the owner. Pieces of furniture from different periods are mixed-and-matched together to enhance highlight for the room. A Chinese-design wooden door perfectly design to well fit with the structure of the house can function as a partition between the living room and bed room. Despite the quaint, it is well blended with the others.

Additionally, to bring nature into the atmosphere, the owner installs a big piece of clear glass as a partition at the middle of the room to allow overlooking obvious scenery of mountain ranges, small streams and greenery of the forest. Gray Lounge Chairs are put at the middle of the room on a bright red rug contrasting to all materials in the room. However, it makes the overall atmosphere of the bedroom relaxing. Moreover, the atmosphere is comfy and airy because the room can receive enough natural lights from outside.


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By Oom, 20/07/2017
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