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A hint of a European style blended with an old country style is reflected through the decoration of a living room owned by Khun Te Nattapon Wutpet, a smart looking photographer of the Hamburger Magazine. Khun Te applies those raw and rough materials with his decoration which is completely blended into the unity of tones, pieces of furniture and all decorative items absolutely make this room filled with stories of an unlimited design.

For this living room in a renovated house, the homeowner designed it by himself with an emphasis on naturalness by mixing and matching materials with different uniqueness together. The floor is alternately arranged with wood and polished concrete. The wall is alternately arranged with rows of bricks displaying its authentic texture and white limestone. The former ceiling is removed to show its authentic concrete texture and to increase space and height. The design reveals rawness and simplicity of pipe and electric systems. Clear glasses are installed surrounding the room to easily bring natural light into the area inside. The whole atmosphere looks really airily spacious and comfy. .

Room color grading with white and brown. Focus on furniture and furnishings, maintaining the aura of an old charm. From leather to add Kim Mick chic. Cover with striped American flag placed trees and old chairs w that may be used as a component in the shooting because the angle is in the studio. Also dotting the blank wall to see details of the more interesting collection of animal heads with staff to look into the style you will feel like living in a world of fantasy.

The area inside the room is painted white and brown. The focus is at the furniture and those decorative items that can remain a hint of antiques so charmingly. A leather upholstered sofa is added with a chic gimmick by covering with a piece of cloth printed with an America’s National Flag.. Plants, chars and props are used as components to shoot because this corner functions as a private studio. To make a plain wall become more attractive, collections like stuffed animal heads are used to create the atmosphere as if being in a world of fantasy.


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By Oom, 20/07/2017
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