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When a summer is replaced with a rainy season, it is the time to see changes of seasonal trees and grasses. Overlooking the view of the sky and endless sea is such Aesthetics of life that happened during a period of time. This place is more than a villa house located at one of city corners in Hua Hin District under the name of Cliff & Clouds belonging to Khun Nack Niti and Khun Dew Arida Woranet. A young man together with his father designed this condo as a private space for relaxing. It is also used for meeting and socializing with relatives and close friends on weekends.

A tall white 5-story building is designed in a modern style with totally 9 rooms. The smallest one is about an area of 300 square meters and the biggest one is about 500 square meters. Being located at Hua Hin alley 88, between mountains and sea; it makes us feel like living amidst a range of mountains and Hua Hin City. After taking us to every corner of the place, Khun Nack told us about the condo. “My family has quite a lot of businesses in Hua Hin; therefore, I have to come here every weekend. Actually, I also have condos in many places around Hua Hin. However, most of them are on the seaside. I found that my condos at the seaside are too small for meeting with a large number of relatives and friends companying with me. Then, my father and I started looking for a piece of land which is a bit far from the seaside, but it can allow us to overlook the view of the sea and the Hua Hin City. Finally, we found this piece of land and decided to build a private villa condo.

Living areas from the first to and the fourth floors are functioned to receive important guests and close friend. The fifth floor is a private penthouse for his family and himself to relax, and it is also a place for gathering of relatives during holidays. This room is designed as an open-space room with an area of 500 square meters. The room is attached with an extra large balcony. It looks more spacious by installing large clear glass walls which helps bring greenery of mountains at the front into the atmosphere inside the building. In addition, a 4-meter tall ceiling can really enhance the room airily spacious.

All functions are harmoniously linked together from a living corner, a dining corner and a kitchen. In addition, 5 bedrooms is more than enough for family members with three generations. All of these are designed to serve the owner’s needs of big spaces for his family’s activities such as cooking a big meal and even barbequing. It is completely different from the other condos on the beach.

Mix-and-match style is applied for the interior decoration. Different styles of antique collections and new pieces of floating furniture like table, sofa and console are all mixed together and can be moved or redecorated anytime. Khun Nack told that decorating a room is like creating a piece of an artwork. There is no certain rule at all. Therefore, an old empty room is like a canvas that we can put any items into various styles as we like.

The condo looks distinctively outstanding from its designs to be blended with the context of the geographic landscape together with the surrounding nature. The condo turning itself to face the freshness of mountains and sea, this makes a simple square room dimensionally change. However, the component that completely fulfills the functional demands of the villa house is a happy moment happening when all family members come and do activities together. This exactly is happening to the Woranet family.


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By Oom, 20/07/2017
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