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Beautifully and sweet decorative lines made from mixing colors blended with the power of dream and love in water color make a young interior designer left his work in the home décor and turn to grab paint brushes to create very charming pieces of artwork filling all over his condominium. This industrial styled condo belongs to a world famous watercolor artist, “Ti Kittipong Maksin”.

Since he was young, he had been working as an Interior for many years. Personally, he loves working with watercolor, so Khun Ti decided to leave his work of design and turned himself into the world of art. He has trained himself so hard that he becomes successful and gains nationally accepted in the world of water paints. Therefore, he wanted to make his own space for collecting his paintings and artworks; this is the reason that he pulled down his two one-bedroom condo into one room in his favorite industrial style.

The condo on the area of 90 square meters was decorated by the watercolor artist with his skill of design as he graduated in architecture from the faculty of Industrial Education, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang and his work experience of Interior to create every corner within the room with full-functional spaces. Khun Ti says, “Firstly, I bought one room and decorated its interior in an industrial style, and when I wanted to have a place to display my artwork; I decided to buy another room and connected them together. After that, I decorated it into the same style in a gray tone and divided the space inside the room into functions as I like including an art gallery, a working room and a bedroom.”

The old living room is transformed into an art gallery by removing the former concrete ceiling to make it taller and to show the real stricter of the building as in an industrial style. The natural color of a long Burma padauk wodden table is used to make the room much brighter. It is used as the room for the owner to teach a private classroom of art and welcome guests to watch his artwork. The room is surrounded by watercolor paintings in different styles on grey walls displayed with black showcases added details with white rifts. In addition, there is a mirror screen installed at the front door to make the room much more spacious.

Behind an L-shaped wall linking to the private space of the owner, he turned the old fence door upside down to make it as a sliding door separating between a working room and a bedroom. The decoration remains that of the industrial style showing the true structure of the area and the bedroom to have uncoated concrete flooring which has been decorated for over 10 years. A long wooden console at the headboard is arranged along the length of the wall for placing items. The bedroom in a dark tone is covered with a clean-white bed sheet to give a hint of a minimal style. Additionally, watercolor paintings above the bed can obviously reflect the true character of the owner indeed.

When asking about the style of his watercolor paintings, Khun Ti tells us with smile, “All of my paintings reflect real me. Although I like to make realistic paintings; I try to keep characteristics of art as much as possible, do not try to break the rule of the nature because the charm of watercolor paintings is on an art that can be seen and touch with eyes.”

“Khun Ti Kittipong Maksin” has combined art, his dream and an industrial style into one to reflect his identity through the interior decoration within the square room beautifully.


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