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It is once again a good opportunity for our team to visit the house of the workshop master, Jeed Wonder or Khun Jeed, Thanyanan Srivichai and Khun O, Sarayuth Srithipart. They welcome us with a friendly manner. Whenever we visit this family, we meet Thicha Thipsriart, f Khun Jeed’s and Khun O’s beloved daughter, their inspiration to build this garden.

Khun Jeed and Khun O have gained a lot of experiences before they open their own company. Khun Jeed was a writer, and Khun O was an architect in Fine Arts section of a magazine, so they can knowledge from the former job with their own company— Jeed Wonders Co. Ltd., and they design spaces in the house as a home office and the residence.


“This house is about 20 years old. Formerly the front part wasa lawn, but now Khun O has modified as a potted plant garden and tray garden. He did the entire job by himself. Firstly, the arrangement was to provide spaces to take a walk and enjoy the nature in the garden as that time I got pregnant. After that we built the rest corner and managed it as a workshop space to share our world to our friends (laughter).” Khun Jeed says about the garden amusingly.

This garden has an area of 50 square meters and is divided into three main corners designed to serve the need of family members and to be Khun Jeed and Khun O’s work place. The garden is mainly arranged as a potted garden and a tray garden made with bricks in order to be taken care easily and to be convenient to change or move. The pots used are in various shape, and the tray one was built in a suitable height to serve the use of family members, as they do not have to bend down to upset the balance of the body.

The first spot, Khun O designs the floral arc for Sandpaper vine, and the lower part is planted with seasonal flowers, those with colorful leaf and stripe plants such as English roses, Chinese fringe flower, Neon, Madagasgar Periwinkle, and Dog fennel to draw attraction. Nearby, a black Roman fountain in a right size is arranged for a fresh and cool atmosphere while spending time in the garden. The next part is placed with an outdoor dining table set to receive guests and for the party in which the owners usually use it. Additionally, this area is set as a workshop area under the company name -Jeed Wonder Co. Ltd. Various activities provided namely terrariums garden, making skin scrub, flowers arrangement, and water color painting. Such activities are well suited for the group of friends and the family that want to do something to associate with their circle.

For the inner part, Khun O designs the compact steel structure pillar to be the company workshop place, and on the back there is a steel shelf decorated with cactuses, succulent, and ceramics in various shapes in order to make this corner cute and interesting. Khun Jeed told that they spend most of the time creating the work and collecting them in this garden, so it is like a showroom in which customers can see their works. Most of the plants used in the garden are foliage plants like Begonias, and hanging plants such as ferns, and for the flowers we choose the colorful ones such as Yellow Canaries, Iris, and cape leadwort.

Apart from the freshness gained from the garden, we have fun with the voice of Thicha. Her songs and laughers throughout the conversation show the happiness she gets from our visit. We can see that the perfect and richest world of Khun Jeed has been existed in this house.



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