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Flora creek

Chiang Mai is one of the provinces which are famous for its Lan Na local culture charms. In addition, Most tourists are falling in love of its cultural heritages and natural surrounding beauty. For this column, we would like to take you back to travel to Chaing Mai again but in a different atmosphere. We escape colorful nightlights in a big city and move forward closer to the nature to see this place. This is a brand new accommodation which is hidden down mountain ranges among shades of trees. The place is “Flora Creek”.

For those who love nature and appreciate watching flowers; they will surely recognize the name of Krisada Doi, a famous floral garden in the past. This floral garden is now revived, and its beauty of nature is transferred into a new context in the name of Flora Creek, a resort of AQ Estate Company’s project. The uniqueness of the nature, including rivers and flower garden still remains its condition as those in the past. In addition, it is improved to be a very convenient resort equipped with full service and functions for guests to enjoy their times.

Flora creek is a resort designed like a Barn House combining with a hint of the Lanna Cultural Style which is presented through decorative materials. This style is arranged under the concept of the contemporary design of the gable roof looks. The resort is made to have a triangular roof with contemporary style that makes it look like a barn house. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with nature and various kinds of plants. Bricks, steel and wood are used for constructing this place. Everywhere in the resort, even from the lobby to all rooms, you can overlook the garden which almost occupies the area of the hotel, through big glass screens installed at different corners. Similarly, the tall and spacious ceiling is designed to fit into a triangular shape of the roof. Not only looking spacious, it helps us save using electric energy during daytimes because there is enough light getting into the area from outside.

This resort is fully filled with private atmosphere. There are different types of rooms such as Pool Villa, Deluxe Horizon or Deluxe Plantation. Apart from full function equipped, most rooms are designed to be close to the nature. Each of the rooms is additionally designed with special characteristic. For the exterior, natural colors of the building; such as, an authentic color of clay bricks layered on the wall and a grey color of a steel structure are perfectly harmonized with the surroundings.  Iron sheets are arranged in different directions and patterns at the door, windows and even at the roof to add more colorful patterns for guest rooms.

For interior decoration, white, creamy and light tones of artificial-wooden flooring materials are selected for different corners.  Floating furniture is chosen because it is easy to match with other components in the room with harmony. In addition, all functions needed for taking a rest such as a big bathroom, a king-size bed and beauty of nature views are completely equipped within the room.

For interior decoration, a white tone and a creamy tone are used together with a light tone of artificial wooden materials laid on the floors in different corners.  Most of furniture is movable which is able to be placed together with the other components in the room with harmony. In addition, you relaxation is filled with all functions you need such as a big bathroom, a king-size bed and beauty of natural view.

Cold season is returning soon, flowers are changing their colors, and sunlight is to be replaced with cooling fog. “Flora Creek” is an answer to the questions asked for a new place for holidays. It is the place where all of the surroundings are blended together with peaceful and cooling atmosphere given by nature and living life to create a perfect holiday place with harmonious balance.



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By Oom, 06/07/2017
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