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True preferences are combined with the character of a smart young gentleman who is known as a family man, party lover and extreme sport player, Khun Tong Pol Sripongpao; it is not unexpected that this villa house on the beach we are visiting today can really reflect the lifestyle of the owner living in this house so distinctively. In addition, the house can perfectly fulfill all family’s members with happiness.”

Before having this chic box-shape villa house, the owner started from looking for a piece of land for himself and his family to feel the most comfortable staying.  With the condition that it must not be too far from Bangkok; they will not get tired when travelling. Finally, he decided to buy a piece of land not far from Chao Samran Beach in Cha Am District of Petchaburi Province. Khun Tong tells us, “I decided to buy this piece of land because I love the sea, and I always dream of a villa house for my family and friends to spend time together during weekends. Then, I contacted Khun Pe Jeerawech Hongsakul, an architect of IDIN Architects to help me.”

“What I told the architect was nothing much, I mainly for a modern style house that looks cool and private. It should be big enough for a number of people because I have a lot of friends, and we all love party. Additionally, no matter how the design is; it should not make us feel lonely even when few friends coming over. I let Khun Pe work on his own because I trust in his professional skill as he used to design a house for my friend in Khao Yai. After he went back and once he returned to me with the draft of what I requested, I like it because it is exactly what I like,  and it is nice, it is real me (laughers),” says the host.

From what requested by the owner, the architect transformed it into a 2-story modern building in a box shape like the cube on the area of 492 square meters. The architect regards that Khun Tong as a strong and stable man. Although he looks quiet, he loves entertaining, freedom and adventure. Hence, he designed the house to look spacious and tall that well fit with both indoor and outdoor lifestyles. The steel structure and concrete beams of the house looks firm and reflects the mature generosity.  He selects durable materials such as stone, concrete, glass, steel and artificial wood to express the character of a man who loves adventure.

Visiting this house makes me see that personal preferences and lifestyle are all factor influencing his or her accommodation. The architect is requested to make the villa house completely filled with creative ideas and appeared in a smart shape that perfectly serves the need of those who live in the house.



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By Oom, 05/07/2017
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