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It is certainly that condominium has become a very top choice of accommodation that can really fit the urban lifestyle; just like Khun Deaw Wason Sa-ard-yen, an architect who notices the change in this age and turned himself into a real property investor. He began looking for a condo in a good location with potential for development for the housing and rental business. He renews the old condo with a big area covering 80 square meters by modifying it with the budget of 1 million Baht, and it becomes a new place in Stylish Modern Loft style fully equipped with functions needed.


The Beginning
“Actually, I have a room in this condo. For this advertisement that the old owner announced to sell it, i came to see it, and I found it interesting and able to be renovated. To be honest, I always look for and invest in property business related to condominium. Also, I can let it for rent. Although this is an old condo, it is located in the heart of Sukhumvit area closing to the BTS. On top of that, it is quite cheaper than the new condos in this area; when I consider about the price and cost of decoration, it is still cheaper than buying a new condo. Therefore, I decided to buy and renovate it as another condo of mine.”

“Actually, I’m usually good at modern style decoration. But nowadays, it’s changed. Now, the lofts in our house are very strong. So I am inspired and want to try such a style of decoration, but it must have a hint of the modern. Hence, it would be called a modern – loft style with smart and livable possibility. After I had tried this style of decoration, I felt that I had a lot of fun. There are so many interesting details to work with. Moreover, it doesn’t cost much because main materials are not expensive and easy to find out. Meanwhile, this style never looks boring. Even the time passes, it is still fine. In my opinion about this style, the older the more magical. (laughter)

New Look
“Spaciousness was the advantage of condo in the past; however, it was not fully equipped with useful functions which are similar to this room, its former functions are not appropriate. The room looks dull and cramp. Consequently, I integrate the advantages of old and new condos together by redesigning the old room with functional plan to suit the needs as the new condos in the present time. Therefore, an old room with an old design looking unlivable becomes a new room which is fashionable, more spacious with compatible functions.

“I try to adapt the functions within the room to be more appropriate. I found that this 80-square-meter condo room comprises 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and the middle space for a living corner and a dining corner is too small. Then, I began renovating a too big bedroom that causes the living room smaller. I solved this problem by demolishing the partition and dividing it into two same-sized rooms. The bedroom is changed a bit by replacing an old wall with a glass showcase to make the room look bigger but still functionally organized. The kitchen is renovated and balanced with a marble counter arranged as a bar sided with a dining table. A built-in cabinet and some space are left for placing a refrigerator and a washing machine. It is such an attempt to organize the functions appropriate and fully functional for a family.”

“Loft is about showing the true textures of the materials. I choose natural materials such as raw concrete plastered wall which was added with details by using inserting PVC on the raw concrete wall and plastering it; then, it looks like stick concrete, and it was drilled to make a hole. The ceiling above the living room was removed to show the structural system and make the room more spacious. The old laminate is replaced with authentic Bungor wood. Though it is quite expensive, it provides good feeling when stepping on, and it looks livable too. I also inserted something modern by adding a marble counter bar and cornice decorated wall in the bedroom. What cannot be missed is the use of mirror and glass to help make the room look wider and brighter. Although the old structure of the room is remained the same, the interior decoration of this room has been completely changed.”



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By Oom, 05/07/2017
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