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Green Living Space

“Nowadays, a living room is not only limited as a place for family members to take a rest and for welcoming guests; it is also used as a place to get together and do activities. Therefore, a living room is designed to meet different lifestyles and functional needs of each family memebrs. Likewise, Khun Sara Sarasawadee Kuptapong also wants to make a living room as a common space connected to a garden at the middle of the house in a chill-out atmosphere”.

The concept of this living room is that of an Inner Peace designed by Agaligo Studio company. The designer blends an easy atmosphere and a semi-outdoor style together for this living room. Firstly, a C-shaped building is designed to embrace their wings together. The court at the middle of the house functions as a center that links to other parts of the house. Then, the owner can really feel the atmosphere of a semi-outdoor style closing to the nature in a private space.

The living room looks spacious and tall by installing a double-volume ceiling under the roof. The walls are drilled to allow natural lights into spaces inside which makes the room look airily spacious and not to be cramped. To draw the attraction, a floor-to-ceiling wall is installed together with pieces of furniture in simply neat designs. A long built-in sitting corner is designed to serve family members and friends. The whole atmosphere of the room is arranged as if it were a place of a monotonous and relaxing atmosphere.

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By Oom, 03/07/2017
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