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Sunlight and fresh air are the very import guests of Khun Seth Van Dorn and Khun Pam, Thanawan Klamklomjit that are welcomed into the house every morning which is their favorite time. Although the sunlight and the air in the rest of the day are not as pleasant as those in the morning, to have a good life and relax in a cozy vacation house is a pleasure that can replace equally well.

This two-story vacation house that we visited is not far from Khao Ta Keab beach in Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan. The front part is very inviting to be observed by the people passing by to admire the green garden of the house revealing black steal structure of the house that is very prominent with the bamboo covered free-form roof built purposively to break the aggressive look of the steel structure and the bare concrete. There is a small rest corner for the owners to enjoy the morning time. The front garden is well taken care of by hard working house owners, Khun Seth Van Dorn and Khun Pam, Thanawan Klamklomjit, the trade policy officers of European Union.

“I was born in Hua Hin, my parents’ home was here, and I have my own favorite piece of land here too. After I got married, I’d like to havea vacation house in Hua Hin because I have to come to this place very often, and it is not that far from Bangkok. So if I build a house here,it would not be hard to come and see the building progress.” Khun Pam says.

Both Khun Seth and Khun Pam would like to build a vacation house, so they looked for the company specializing in designing houses to make their dream come true, and finally, they ended with the quality house design company like Sea Monkey Coconut that has Khun Pok, Vachirasak Maneewatanapreuk as a team leader. That is a perfect start.

Khun Pam continues, “Khun Seth saw Khun Pok’s house design from browsing the internet, and he liked it. Coincidentally, it was the time that Khun Pok returned from England to build the house for his mother in Hua Hin, so we called him to design our house and told him that we’d like a vacation house in a simple modern style that help us enjoy both inside and outside parts of the house because Khun Seth likes gardening and cooking, and I like reading, listening to music and watching television. For these reasons, we need an airy and spacious house in a plain style. We focus on the natural look built with concrete, steel, and real wood, not a luxurious one. However, it must bea charming house. Khun Pok must have been in pressure with our project since we have nothing to show him but only what we have in mind (laugher). Though he spent only a short time working on the design for us, Khun Pok really did a good job, and we liked it the first time we saw it because the structure was just right for us. We like his creative idea of using local materials like fishing boat attachment rope that was used as a curtain for the second floor terrace stair. Only some details of the house plan have to be changed but Khun Pok didn’t fail us at all.”

From the desire of the owners, the house was built in a modern style surrounded by bamboo fences leading the eyes to the two-story house on a 110 Square Wah land. The house was designed and built with major materials as steel, bare concrete, and wood. The transparent glasses were installed as the walls of the house to inlet the natural light. The interior using space was managed in an open plan style. The first part is eye-catching with pieces of antique furniture and decors which are the collections of Khun Seth bought from his journeys to several foreign countries. To feel free to use each corner in the house, the design was focused on the connection of functional spaces for reception, dining and western kitchen.

For the second floor, climbing the concrete stairs decorated with redwood stair rails to the hall, we can see the walk way built with handsome steel grating and the wall of rope made for privacy. This part reveals the roof covered with bamboo for the natural look of the house. The space just in front of the bedroom, the owners focus on the simple decoration in a raw Loft style toned with the wooden Parquet floor built for the warmer look. Only a few pieces of furniture are used in this room, one part is set as a dress corner and the other side is the rest area that has a concrete covered wooden partition blending with the room. It can be slid from both sides for more private atmosphere. There is a terrace on another side that the owners can stand and enjoy cool breeze and the nature.

During the last hour of our visit, Khun Seth and Khun Pam let us sit and enjoy the drink and the snacks, and let us spend our afternoon time in the front garden. After a while, we can feel fresh air and sunlight reflected on our skin. These are the important guests of Khun Seth and Khun Pam that can add energy to their lives during the daytime.

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