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(Thailand) FALLING FOR FOREST ชิดใกล้ (สวน) ป่า


Heading for SampranDistrict in NakhonPathomProvince by taking a shortcut into a small alley which is surrounded by various fruit and vegetable gardens between both sides of the road and the smell from soil moisture from the ditch generates a warm and relaxing atmosphere for us. After enjoying a rear natural view in the city, a beautiful Thai-style houseand a tropical rainforest garden stand in front of us. Wesuddenly beam and excite with the natures surrounding.

As we are getting closer to the area, we are taking a deep breath of oxygen from verdant trees and the sound of running waterfall nearby. This tropical rainforest garden belongs to Khun Pol, PolsitPipanich who warmly welcome us. He collaborates and shares his ideas with KhunAo aka KanokBoonchaisri, a skilled gardener in order to design the garden surrounded this Thai-style house.

The owner proudly tells us about the background of the garden that “Personally, I am fond of a tropical rainforest garden since it feels like we are closed to nature and trees. Previously, we designed the garden and planted big trees by ourselves because my wife had a degree in gardening but it looked too dull. The garden should have been with a waterfall so as to serve a comfortable and relaxing ambiance. Coincidently, I saw this style of garden at a senior’s house in Carps club and the garden was designed by Pi Ao. Thus, I contacted his team to do mine. I shared thoughts and collaborated with Pi Ao’s team in every single process of gardening.”

This 100-square yard plot of land is conjured into a world of plentiful wood, surrounding big trees and wide space of stone. Waterfall running down from the wall of neatly arranged sedimentary rocks flows to the school of carps swimming in pond. Some hidden sitting corners are set aside for indulging natural atmosphere amidst the forest. The area is overwhelmed withfern calledCyatheapodophylla which the owner like most. This area is considered as the highlight of the garden.

As the vast area, it is divided proportionally. Starting to take care of the former big tree which awaits to be firmly grown, next a waterfall with wall rock whichneatly arranged at every level. The water falling down from the wall rock flows to the pond of carps which is 15 meters long. An insertion of sponged and mossy rocks with some ferns providing shelter for moss. For Hard Scape work, some sedimentary rock, laterite rock and pebbles are placed attractively.

When those things are combined with love and care, this garden clearly reflects Khun Pol’s identity. There is no doubt that we can touch zest and zeal diffusing and overwhelming amidst this forest garden. It is the garden which the owner spends so much a quality time with as if it were his close friend.

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By Oom, 29/06/2017
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