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Simple is the best


The design using only needed lines, focusing on functions, mainly showing the truth of materials and making the overall of the house look modern is the pattern and the concept of a minimal style that Khun Boy Tawatchai Sakdikul and Khun Ploy Ploytaptip Suksaeng from King Karn Bai Company apply for their garden design. As they say that “It is the design in which they expertise and it reflects their both real characters best.”

Boy, a partner and designer of King Karn Bai Company tells us about the background of the garden. “We both studied in Architecture. At first, we worked in an architectural field mainly designing building. Looking at our house, we thought that the context outside didn’t fit well with the style of our house; we became interested in landscape design by applying the style we prefer and expertise which is a minimal style as our key concept. After finishing, there were someone interested in our design work; and we have been continuously working for designing gardens since then.”

Having produced design works for a while, they both decided to open their own company, King Kan Bai Company, the name can really refer to their real characters the most. It is already 8 years now.Minimal and modern styles are the approaches that they both are expert in. Lines are used for creating graphic patterns to make the garden look dimensional and attractive. This style is not that easy for both of them because it is about making something “simple” look dominant. In addition, most materials such as wood or steel are designed to reveal the true textures the most. Every detail must fit the owner’s demands and the behaviors. Especially, the design must create the most beneficial functions for that garden.

This garden covering an area of 200 square meters. It is to solve the problem of the former garden. There are a swimming pool and big shading trees. However, it is still a problem that the connection between the garden and the house are not so smooth. The levels of the land are different, and the functions are not so convenient because the land level of the house is much higher from the terrace. Therefore, Khun Boy and Khun Ploy renovated these two spaces to be connected. Cobble stone is paved as a walkway; the floor is recovered with real wood and a long wooden bench is sided with a coffee table for additional functioning. There are medium-sized woody plants and bushes beside the water curtain wall near the garage providing moisture. Most types of plants are durable and easy for taking care of. All components are merged together with straight lines to make them simple as a minimal style.

Khun Ploy adds, “As graduating in Architecture and being architects, we can apply all we have learnt into our work for designing gardens. We want our knowledge being advantageous for servicing our customers. Similarly, when hiring designers or architects, most working systems includes King (branches), Karn (twig) and Bai (leaf); we also have an engineer at the site whether that garden is small or big. Consequently, the owners can be sure about the quality of our work.” Finally, they tell us “every design, we think and analyze about the positions of everything. For example, most decorative plants must look beautiful, simple and live long in order that the owners of the garden can take care of these plants by themselves.”

When lines are designed and weaved to continue connecting everything together; exterior and interior spaces connected together makes us feel relaxing. It changes something difficult to be simple as being said that “simple is the best.”


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By Oom, 29/06/2017
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