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T Six 5 Phenomenal Hotel


Beach, breeze, sunlight and scent of seas in “Pattaya City” are embracing the cubic shaped building which its angles and square shape stuns us at the first glance. This box – shaped building is designed modern by using “time” as a component to tell an extraordinary story through the decoration theme to create a living place close to the pier in North Pattaya area which is called “Tsix5 Phenomenal Hotel.”

Tsix5 Phenomenal is a hotel by the Tsix5 which is continued from Tsix5 365.25 and inspired from the element of time, including current principles and festivals throughout the year. Gimmicks of times both Analog and Digital are drawn together and presented through the colors and the decoration of the room in a modern style.

With the inspiration as the key concept, it results on the interior design which has details about the time appearing on different corners. These can attract those passers-by very well. From a Lobby zone, a translucent stone is selected to display lights and shadows to greet visitors. In addition, the numbers shown on the digital clocks hung on the ceiling randomly make us feel like we are falling into the dimension of the time whenever we look at them. Moreover, the atmosphere of the sea is inserted with wooden materials and stones in a warm white tone.

The hotel rooms are divided into 3 types which are Hydro, Breez and Neon. The Hydro illustrates the shape of water drops as the highlight of the room. The use of lighting inside the room makes it look dimensional and provides the atmosphere of cooling rains in a rainy season. The Breez represents the story of paper planes and bicycles. The warm light in the room really conveys the feeling like we are riding the bike and flying a paper plane in the winds. The last room is the Neon which is covered with a pink tone to make the room look colorful and joyful. This room is really good for celebrations of different festivals.

Apart from those rooms with relaxing atmosphere, Tsix5 Phenomenal is also equipped with full-functional facilities for customers comprising an Analog styled dining room in which an analog clock system is put into the design work. There is a fitness room which is wide and spacious; you can also overlook the view of the sea when working out too. At the swimming pool, there is a party zone for guests as well as different sizes of conventional rooms for meeting. All of these are inserted with the gimmicks of the times so obviously.

Coming across such a simple accomodation but hidden with attractive charms of time located in the middle of the city of sea like Pattaya City, e author strongly believe that anyone who has been on a leisure day to relax from a busy life schedule will surely feel happy with the atmosphere of the sea and the distinctive of the hotel when they see the blue sky, watch the endless sea and spend at least a night at Tsix5 Phenomenal.



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