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“This beautiful modern house is filled with a hint of resort characteristics with simplicity hidden with details of tastes that perfectly reflect the ideas of the couple of husband and wife who are good at everything. They are Khun Nong Pongpen Joohong, the manufacturer and seller of traditional Thai 5-colored famous porcelain, the brand Pienong Benjarong, and Khun Krieng Kriengsak Joohong, the assistant manager of Rama Garden Hotel.  They both select a villa house in the Si Tawan project in Pak Chong district which is constructed with Modular system of SCG Heim to serve their needs of spending life with simplicity in relaxing days.”

Before buying this house on this beautiful plot of land, they already have ta piecet of land in the project. However, with the difference of beautiful scenery, they easily decided to buy it. Khun Nong says, “The reason for buying this house because I went to Japan, and I like the houses there. It looks simply nice good for saving energy. Learning that Chan Isara was having the project house “Baan Sita Wan” with SCG-Heim system, we drove there to have a look at the houses. The project was not finished at all at that time (laughs), but we really like the view and its atmosphere, so we decided to buy it. Thought the first one allows us to have panorama view; we prefer this house to the first one because the landscape is closer to the river. Khun Krieng and I really like nature; we love trees and journeies. Consequently, it is truly what we like.”

After buying the beautiful plot of land, as they like with an area of 1,260 squares meters, the owners of the house choose the plan of the house in a resort style with 3 bedrooms. The house was built from the innovation of SCG-Heim composed with the design of Habita Architecture Company, the designer of Baan Sri Pan Wa, the house project in order to make the structure of the house stable, strong and safe. This is also environment-friendly and good for health as it has air ventilation system installed to make the house clean and keep away dusts. To save energy, heat-insulations are installed on the wall as well as under the roof.   There is a roof top for watching stars too.

After installing the house on the land and each unit was connected together; the owners changed and expanded a bit more details to make the house more outstanding than other houses by adding a Façade made from steel and synthetic wood covering the upper part of the building to indicate the characteristics of the house of the modern age. Additionally, the façade is like a screen to reduce heat getting into the house, and it can hind the private space from the passers-by too.  “I have different concepts for decorating each of the two houses. For this one, I focus on simplicity and easy living with the nature. It can be seen that most materials used for this house are wood; and Khun Surapat, an interior from Neodico Company limited helped us make it. For all other details of decoration, I decided for everything by myself; including the garden in which the idea and the suggestions were taken from Life & Home magazine (smiles)”, adds the owner.

Visiting this house today makes me realize that nature is important, and it can always make us feel good. Similarly, as realizing and respecting the nature, the owners created this house to be an environment-friendly house for “him” and “her” to perfectly live with the surrounding context harmoniously.

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By Oom, 13/06/2017
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