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One day wallflower old town


An old commercial building in an old town at Soi Nana was extended to be a florist shop which is fully decorated with a uniqueness of an Old-Rustic style. The owner of the shop, Khun Lak Nattapat Suriyakampol, a young architect who has well-known for his outstanding design work called “casa lapin” turned himself to be a flower stylist and created this three-story commercial building with two rooms with a budget of one million Baht into  One Day wallflower old town, a new branch of florist to serve the growth of the business. The area is fully filled with charms and a hint of memories made by him and various kinds of flowers.

The Beginning

“One day wallflower” has begun when we used flowers to create the atmosphere for drinking coffee and for decorating my café “casa lapin”. With the style of the café which looks simple but different because of flowers selected and how to present; it becomes widely accepted well by passers-by and becoming another job for me to make income. The first branch is just only a small florist and for casa lapin, I want to expand it to serve the need of increasing customers and to be provide larger spaces for decorating with flowers, keeping flowers, using as an office and a workshop spaces as well.. Then the second branch of One day wallflower old town was created.”


“I like antiqueness when I saw this old building located on Soi Nana, an old town, all buildings are over 100 years old and hidden in the community area; it seems combining community and arts together. There are cafes and galleries at the same area; I think it is charmingly attractive. Moreover, its space is suitable to be expanded for our working conveniently. In fact, the height of the space from floor to ceiling is about 5 meters. This high ceiling is hardly to found. Therefore, I want to renovate it in my style; put my favorite industrial and country style into it. It is like I compose the antiqueness of mine and the area’s together into this place to keep its charm and beauty as same as it used to be.”

New Look

“I have kept almost everything in the same condition, just improved some functions to allow my works run smoothly. The former position of the staircase in the middle of the house is quite steep; so, I changed it more appropriate and convenient in use. There is only one way to get on the upstairs and the two buildings are connected with a semi-mezzanine floor which helps save using spaces”. The old two-room commercial building with 3 bedrooms has been changed to fit the new role as a florist in which the owner spent a million Baht for expanding the area to serve the functions he needed as well as to keep the beauty of smart rawness, just like a character of a smart looking man remain in it with perfect harmony.


The function of the building which is changed from being home to be a florist shop since the owner wanted to expand the space conveniently for fitting his business.. From the lower floor, it is divided into 2 corners as a flower decorating room and a flower keeping room. Cooling system is installed for these rooms to keep all flowers fresh and last longer. The space at the middle is arranged as a hall hidden with facility including a storeroom and a bathroom as same as the staircase to connect between the two buildings and leads to the upper floor. This upper floor is divided into two sides; a kitchen and a mini-bar on the right; whereas, the left side is a big working room attached with a space for workshop.


Formerly, these commercial buildings were available for rent and were sold to late owners from generations to generations. Their walls were repainted over and over. Khun Lak puts charms on and keeps antique characteristic in it by removing, polishing and pulling down the walls to show some old structures to create patterns of the colors of the old walls uncovering the truth of materials together with a hint of different generations living inside so beautifully. The place was decorated with flowers and collections of antique items to provide a hint of a little industrial and country style. Similarly, the upper floor becomes attractive by making it a glasshouse covered with a translucent roof to fully receive lights through to the space beneath.  The place is surrounded by green trees which make the place become a small relaxing corner. It can be said that One day wallflower old town is fully filled with freshness and colorful flowers contrasting the smart, raw characteristic of the building. It is well created to be a complete composition of antiqueness of changing ages with harmony.

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By Oom, 11/06/2017
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