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The Hidden Resort


How happy you are, if you can spend your time walking slowly at a quiet place without rushing. Even though it is just a short time, you can find some tranquility to wind down at the place. It is a place surrounded by a green nature with fresh air, and you can stay away from being stressed at works. You can feel relaxed because you don’t have to think about works in your busy day. This relaxing place we are talking to is “The Hidden Resort” located in Ranong province.

The Hidden Resort is located amidst a green valley with beautiful fogs; the place is surrounded by magnificent sceneries of beautiful gardens along a natural brook flowing from the mountain. The resort is decorated in a modern style with a bit of the vintage . If you simply take a look from the area nearby, you may not be able to see that there is such a beautiful resort in this place. Most charming things are hiding because it is a hidden resort and the owners want to surprise visitors little by little with the unexpected great places.

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The first zone you see when you enter here is the open air lobby in a building with clear glass walls. It is decorated in Thai vintage styles with a cool white-blue tone, surrounded by the tropical beautiful garden. Every corner in the room is very beautiful; the floor looks so impressive with Thai pattern stone tiles. This area is arranged with high class sets of furniture made of silver, brass, and tin. At the other side of the lobby is allocated for a restaurant called “The Hidden Restaurant.” In the restaurant you can clearly overlook the beauty of the lobby, and you can order good food here.

From the lobby to your room, you will walk along a narrow aisle in a fantastic English garden style. The plants in the garden are grown according to the two – season climate, an 8 – month rainy season and a 4- month hot season. After enjoying a good view along the aisle for awhile, you will get into another narrow aisle curving along the green wood fences surrounded by a lot of trees. It looks so amazingly mysterious; on top of that you can experience the superb view that makes you feel relaxed. After the aisle, you can see your room. There e are eight boutique rooms divided into two zones. The first one, Hidden Villa, is the garden view room surrounded by the beautiful garden among the natural valleys. The other one, Garden Pavilion, is the big villa with the wild porch under the trees. You can sit back, relax and enjoy reading or listening to music all day.

What can be even more special here is that you can stay in a very magnificent place surround by foggy tropical rain forest with beautiful plants which you are overlook from the foot of your bed when you wake up and open your eyes in the morning. It will be the best holiday if you can come and check in here. Come to Ranong, The Hidden Resort is a must for you.

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By Oom, 09/06/2017
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