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Everything Begins Here…In Our Hearts


Nature has a great influence on thoughts and emotions which are closely related.  The nature is like our great teacher who teaches and tells us stories, makes us recognize the beauty, peace, simplicity, whims and the decay of various things. We can see from our natural surrounding that everything has changed over time. Whenever we discover the true meaning of nature, we can understand the wisdom of life, and that would be why nature has inspired the work of artists of all ages.

“The Tranquility of Mine” is an art exhibition by Khun Pom Noppanan Thannaree, a young artist from Silpakorn University. He has put forward a good impression about the beauty of the natural surroundings like marshes, swamps, streams, canals, hills, mountains and rice fields. These pictures of nature exposed to the depths of the mind symbolize peace, simplicity and solitude which is reflected through the paintings of drawing techniques with black ink from a self-made bamboo pen on handmade papers.

“This exhibition is a continuation of a series that I made as an undergraduate student. The first series was about the life of my own, and this one is about what I think of my hometown in Chiang Rai where I had lived in childhood. I was living with my grandparents when I was young; all members were very close to each other. When I grow up, I have come to study in Bangkok. Living in the big city, I have to make new friends and gained different experiences.New experiences in a big city have replaced the blandness and simplicity that I had received from old people in my childhood. If I did not work on this set, I would not remember how I used to feel in my childhood. It is to that of breaking the curtain, or opening the curtainof emotions to show how I usedto feel. Not showing in verbal details of which, who, what, and where; those memories of my childhood were synthesized and presented as visual elements. This is the source of inspiration of this series,” says the tall and slender artist with a humorous tone.

In his works, Khun Noppanun has transformed the natural virtual perspective into somewhat closely related to that of the abstract expression. The composition and shape are well balanced. He uses the thickness of the lines to virtually represent depth and distance, and the incorporation of small strokes forming an image fully filled with the atmosphere of peace and power in itself.

“The core of this work is the Abstract, but not quite; I use concrete Landscape of natural links. The theme of this work is bring something simple into eyes to make it importan

Actually, it is important anyway, but we cannot see it in everyday life. Doing these pieces of artworks is similar to that of doing meditation during work. Consequently, I become a new person who is more focused and sedate. (laughs) I still have a lot thing to prove; however, experiences of being with old people is deeply embedded in my heart,” the artist concluded before the end of the conversation.

After having and internal communication with the work of this artist, we can make a self retrospective review by exploring for what is inside the body, mind and intelligence which is maintaining the balance of consciousness and self-awareness. Doing so, we can find a balance of joy and peace as the Buddha said that nothing would make us happier than peace.

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By Oom, 09/06/2017
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