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With the concept of radical change in architecture by reducing its elements as much as needed, this probably serves a house design with its simplicity. Actually, this modern white building in the Lanna style is designed to serve the host’s life style, a female doctor Kittithorn Kittitharakul or Khun Pla. She needs to build this house as the hub of her family.

“Since the old house is quite small and periodically run down, I decide to demolish and rebuild a new one with an extension of area so as to serve comfort for my parents and brother. I usually work in Lampang and return to my hometown in Chiang Mai once a week. Therefore, the house is designed in a comfortable and simple style for providing family members’ participation,” says the host.

From such a demand, an architect team from Inly Studio designs and applies it to the Lanna House by using the former balcony called “Tern” as a as a common area for everyone to share. There are some Indian cork trees providing shady shelter and a falling pond with some carps enhancing natural freshness. Besides, the U-shape house serving every corner of the house linked to each other and the “Tern” can be clearly seen through a wide vent. Additionally, an accordion door with clear glass panels serving a partition makes the house pleasantly airy.

One of the architect said that “Tern is designed to provide a multi-functional land space for activities such as crops exposition. This corner is housed as a sitting area, reading corner and guest welcoming section since the space is connected to the main entry. The installation of the Thai-style lathwork can make the owners know who are visiting at the terrace, and it also would not look dull. In addition, an uplifting step of the house which is higher than the terrace served some space for hanging legs. It is based on the Thai-style house with the cat escape, and some vents between house floors and terrace which welcome cool air from downstairs to the space upstairs. As a result, the area is cool all day long.”

Interior functional spaces mainly focus on the common area that all family members share. There is a black kitchen in modern style connected to the dinning corner under the concept of “Krua Fai,” a kitchen of the Thai Lanna style which is included as a part of the house. Additionally, an entertaining room is arranged in the house. Instead of using doors, a different step is installed to facilitate the separation of the private zone and a common zone; this makes the interior specious and thoroughly seen.

Not only space arrangement makes the house pleasantly airy and livable but also the use of “white” as the main color of decoration which makes it look simple and airy as Doctor Pla likes. Pure materials like real old woods namely; rosewood, hardwood and teak, add warmth to the house because the old woods are hard to be twisted. These locally and commonly available materials are garnished with the touch of contemporary

Diversity of architectural patterns probably presents the characteristics of the house. However, the concept of binding the house and the owner to live together comfortably is sometimes relevant to us. Similarly, the wisdom of the Thai-style house has never been obsolete; it still exists with new design harmoniously.

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By Oom, 29/05/2017
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