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Besides creating the beauty of the garden for others to enjoy, creating an identity of the work is more important. In addition, experiences and the understanding of one’s own style are also important for producing every piece of distinctive and unique works. Like the works of Khun Mai, Thapanit Chotiksathien which he has spent more than five years in search of an exotic and unique style of the garden design.

“I graduated in Landscape Design from Rajamangala University. After the graduation, I’d like to have more experience and knowledge, so I went to work in a company that I liked for two years. During that time I have won the second prize of a garden design competition hold by one magazine, and I have become well -known, so I started my own company called Marraya Garden. Marraya is the scientific term of the Orange Jasmine. I used this term in order to let us feel the nature. I have my company for 6 years and I have been designing garden for 12 years.” Khun Mai says.

After the garden design competition, Khun Mai has become widely known. His first garden style is the tropical garden focusing on the use of the freshness from plants. However it did not make him satisfied much with his work. About 4-5 years later, the young man began to style himself by using colors from an immediate environment in garden landscaping; whether it is the color of the walls or the colors of flowers. This is the Morocco style which now becomes his identity and his main style that his customerse remember.

“In the fifth year of my career, I found out that I like my customer’s gardens to be colorful like those of Morocco gardens. My style becomes more and more attractive and widely known, and it is diversified not only more stylish Morocco but it is also applied to others, such as the Modern and the English Garden based on the preferences of homeowners and building forms.” Khun Mai adds about his gardening style.

For example, this garden in the English style is focused on the using function. The orange tone of the building is applied on the wall. The inner part is installed with mirrors to make this corner look spacious and comfortable. Additional functions are added with a set of outdoor chairs for the owners to use in the garden. The plants in the garden selected by the owners are Thai plants in strange shapes such as the big trees—Seagrape, pink Indian Laburnum, Nape Guardian, Negkassar, and Orange Jasmine, and the small plants, the foliage that do not need much light–peppermint , Asparagus Fern, and Iris Pine. For the color, green is the major tone for this garden, and for the hard scape, it is decorated with sculptures to make this part lovely and more inviting.

Khun Mai added that techniques applied in garden design is adapted from inexpensive materials that are affordable and suitable for landscaping that can make a difference to each house in details and yield new dimensions. This is what well impresses the house owners. At the last part of the conversation, the garden designer mentioned that for those who want to start designing home, the first requirement is to have a passion the nature, next is to learn something new from various sources as from the books, the internet, and the expert, and the last thing is “to do”. Only these three things will bring you the green garden to fulfill your happiness.
An important aspect of garden design is not just to create a good environment only, but it is also to create another unique form of art which is an indication of the style of the designer. This is the fascination of the garden design.

Story: พิมพ์ชนก เกตุนวม
Photographers: ชยพล ปาระชาติ
Garden designer: คุณฐาปนิต โชติกเสถียร เมอรายาการ์เด้น (Marraya garden) โทร.0-2975-0318, 09-4563-9924
Host: คุณประนอม พงษ์ภาวศุทธิ์

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