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LOVE IMPRESSIONS รักไม่ยอมเปลี่ยนแปลง

Oil paintings of comic caricatures in such a big head and small body in motion with various gestures and facial expression whether making grimace, crying, sticking tongue, widening eyes, and laughing merge with the events that were assumed in various professions occurring in people’s real lives. All mentioned here are pieces of artwork of Khun Lampu Kansanoh, the female artist who has created her identity through her works and is now widely well known. Several of her works are selected to display and collect at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan.

The young female artist has created her works from her passion for drawing comics that she has created and developed continuously from the stories relating to people around her beginning with her classmates while she was taking an undergraduate degree in Painting at the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts in Silpakorn University. Those were the days she started the BIG HEAD and SMALL BODY comics. While taking a Master Degree, she began to look at the stories of the outside society such as the ways of simple lives of people in the countryside and the stories concerning happiness and suffering of people in Thai society. All of these are transformed into the painting in the form of caricature, and they are transferred in a fun ways through the postures and facial expressions of the comics.

Her recent series of oil painting is to display in the 6th solo exhibition called “Love Expressions” or “RAK MAI YOM PLIAN PLAENG.” The artwork depicts feelings, love and relationship between a man and a woman. The artist explores her connection with her long-term boyfriend. She says, “This series of work is a story of my boyfriend and me that have been together for ten years since we were in the university. Being together for a long time, the romantic passion love is gradually gone, but what remains are friendship and life partners. I recall the time when we were deeply in love and all the time that we have been together. For better or worse, we have passed t through all life situations. This thing, being together, remains until todays. This time, my work simulates those situations to show that our love one would be with us through all the bad situations and he or she would not mind about who or what we are.”

The story of the different scenarios conveyed through colors depicts the feel and mood of the artist with oil painting technique of pressing the brush to get a strong texture of colors, and by arranging composition of picture and the natural light and shade. The painting conceals with charms of humor, and it seems like the characters are moving lively on the canvas. Whether she is peasant girl, factory worker, junk collector on the road, the poor, or a beggar, young artist can convey through her attractive painting in the contemporary style that her young man is ready to walk side by side, and be found to deal with any situation for her.

Story : ศิวนาถ เสนาประทุม
Photographer : ธเนศ เปี่ยมหน้าไม้
Artist : คุณลำพู กันเสนาะ Facebook : Lampu Kansanoh Fanpage

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