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La Purinée

Like a land of dream, this place is created because the owner always falls in love with rural styles of every country in Europe, such as, France, Holland, Begium and Luxemburg. Arts hidden in architectural works and even the stories learnt during the walk along the streets are all kept in his experience. Little details of raw materials seen at old houses and residential buildings including stories from different countries are put together without any discrimination.

Pictures of rural European Countries which have been visited are illustrated; they are not only the dream of many persons anymore. Few amounts of houses have been expanded, and the area becomes ฅa small city on a slope of a small hill. The panoramic view of this location is covered with a large paddy surrounded by the natureof hills and forests; the scene looks as if it were a real ruralatmosphere in Europe. The owner plots the story of La Purinée through his experiences and perception. He supposes that at the entering gateof the city, people can see restaurants that look like a classic church with its old structure of the doors and curve shaped roof. Other details like a circular metal hanger for tying a horse lead rope and even a metal shoe brush are all reflections of the people in the past.


Most materials for interior decoration are revealed their authentically natural texture such as uncoated concrete floor, stone walls, wooden beams and wooden roof. Water color paintings decorated inside the building are all the owner’s artworks. Apart from the restaurant, there are rooms for guests which are arranged as a city; including,7 standard rooms and 2 under roof rooms. The design of the rooms does not harm the natural surrounding area. At the front of the building, there is a small shop with a wall as a partition. The shopis attached shop banners in an aged arrangement because in Belgium, old banners are not removed and they are kept as antique collections which will remain the same no matter how many shops may be changed.


In Europe, some renovated hotels were old houses made with marble, but sand stone is chosen for this hotel to make it the most similar to the real place. Most materials are local materials such as old wood from a corn barn, stone, old windows’ wood and etc. Not only the shape of the building looks distinctive, but also details of artworks hidden in every corner of the place do. For example, a hook bolt at the window is browsed from France and a water gutter is placed on a box made by the owner in which he tries to duplicate what he has seen. Moreover, there are steel black buttons on the edge of the windows as safety windows, but they are not necessary at present; they were removed and replaced with ordinary windows. However, the imprints of those pieces of steel remain as well as black steel bars attached on the walls to illustrate the classic walls built of bricks and strengthened with steels bars to avoid the walls to be collapsed. At the edge of the building and the poles, there are stuccos of faces of boys and girls made by the owner of the hotel. All of these reflect the real intention and care in every little details of what he has met

Leaving the city, there is a building designed like a shape of an old church. This is arranged as Villas with two bedrooms. There is a cross as the symbol of the villa on it. Next to this spot, there is a house arranged as Villas with 3 bedrooms. They are neatly decorated with antique items from Europe which are well blended into the theme of the resort. Before the walking path along the rice paddies, you will see a farm shed in a warm atmosphere arranged as a living room in Caravan style equipped with 2 rooms. A green lawn is also arranged for outdoor activities. It is such a design that creates the real atmosphere of being in rural areas of Europe indeed.

In this small place, we can feel like walking in the rural areas of Europe. The village, the restaurant, the souvenir shop and the farm shed are all designed and completely blended with the surrounding context with harmony.

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By Oom, 29/05/2017
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