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This is the third time that we have visited the garden of a dark-handsome man with his distinctive identity wearing a sailor hat. Our guest, Khun Pop Thanawat Suwinai Pruetsaben is a nature lover with humorous personality. As he does not want to change things in his garden frequently, he often has to create a fun place with a variety of plants to decorate his restaurant and renames it ‘the hamlet’. This restaurant is located on an area of one Rai on Aree Road, Soi 3, every inch of the restaurant is held on the cement floor.

The concept that Khun Pop plans for his garden is to create an English-Cottage Garden, a cottage in the forest surrounded by a meadow of flowers. It is the origin of the restaurant’s name “The hamlet” which means a cottage. Mix Border technique is applied for a garden decorated with hundred types of flowers. Some of them seem to be overestimated that they can blend with others so well. These plants are put into a group and allowed to grow independently. The first corner looks attractive with hanging flowers. This corner is supposed to be a café zone, named as “the Hamlet Café” which is in a glass room with hanging garden on the roof top in which it helps make this square shaped building become warmer and special. The building is surrounded by various types of flowers which are easily found in the local area, such as, Globe Amaranth, Asystasia, Cayenne Jasmine, Dill and Fiji Fan Palm mixed with various types of grass, like, fountain grass, African Fountain Grass and Horsetail. A big lion statue is also arranged within the area to draw attraction and dimension into the garden.

When walking into the garden, you will see flowers and colorful leaves growing in stunning dimension along the walkway. The garden looks distinctive by those decorative lamps made from reused bottles. The atmosphere looks much romantic when these lamps look like firelights glittering all night long. The last part at end of the fence, there is a finished garden by Khun Pop called “Ami” in which it was used as a parking area. Khun Pop began decorating this garden with a doorframe made of old wood sided with urns of ornamental plants. While the surrounding area is harmoniously bordered with hundred kinds of backyard vegetables, plants and flowers. They are Indian Privet, Oyster Plant, Lemon Grass, Canna Lily, Chrysanthemum and Oregano.

Including the highlight of the garden, fountain, where a statue of “Ami”, Khun Pop’s beloved puppy standing attractively in the garden. Apart from this corner, a long wooden table is put to serve a small party or even a special dinner with your beloved ones. In addition, Khun Pop also decorates the surrounding area of the garden with various colors of trees in which Khun Pop tells us that these colors can represent his signature very well. These colors include a red color of Maple, a yellow color of Night Blooming Jasmine and a pink color of Coleus.

plants, materials, tones and positions. Anyone who happens to visit this place possibly gets an inspiration as a souvenir in which you can apply for decorating your own garden easily.

Story พิมพ์ชนก เกตุนวม
Photographer ชยพล ปาระชาติ
Place The hamlet อารีย์ ซอย 3 โทร. 0-2270-3341 l Gardener คุณป๊อป ฐานวัฒน์ สุวินัย พฤษเบ็ญจะ

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