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Thai ways of life had a great relationship with rivers since ancient times because there were many rivers across Thailand. When time passes by and roadways replace waterways, traditional Thai ways of life also change. However, there is a place locating in a small community in Samut Songkhram Province where we can go back to the past. To visit this house we have to travel by boat, and then we arrive at this wooden house on the bank of the river. The house has been renovated to be a homestay in the name of “Wela-Waree 2499”. It is especially for those tourists who love a peaceful atmosphere amidst the nature; there is a curve side of small Phraek cannel running into the Klong River. The most interesting is that the house remains its same old atmosphere; it looks more beautiful and livable. To make everything happen, Khun Patamaporn Kejornan or Khun Ja from Let’s Design is a designer to make this house real.

The Beginning

Formerly, this house belonged to an old grandmother. She moved into this house in 1956. When she grew older, her grandchildren took her to live with them in another house on the roadside as it needs to take a boat to reach or walk along a very narrow wooden bright into this house which is not good for the old woman. At the same time, the former owner decided to sell this house and it was the present owner, Khun Surasak Jamraskarn who bought it. Khun Jamras came up with an idea in his mind to make it as a homestay because the location of this house is hidden with charm and stories to be used as an attractive spot for tourists. Moreover, it is also located on the riverside where tourists seem like it.

The designer wants to remain an old structure of the building as much as possible; 80% of the structure, materials and furniture are still remained. In addition, it is limited by the transportation which is difficult to transfer those materials into the place and also difficult to move those old materials out by boat. Consequently, it is better to remain an old architectural structure. Moreover, the house itself is designed with a local style that allows winds blowing throughout the area and it is already fits into the context surrounding too. Meanwhile, the interior of the house has been redecorated to be more livable. Most functions in the house are reorganized more properly. It takes 6 moths to finish improving the house.

New Look
At the front of the house, there is a balcony which is newly added for overlooking the full view when the sun sets and rises beside Mae Klong River. We expand additional spaces for the balcony within our landscape by using old wooden materials for this expansion. There are a swing,
a table and beanbags to make a living corner for everyone. Meanwhile, an outdoor kitchen in a compact size is particularly added for cooking food like grilling seafood in which we can easily made it ourselves. The walking path behind the house (a narrow walkway from the entrance on the roadside) is also redecorated. The walkway is sided with
a bamboo fence along with pots of plants and the fountain grass to add a green area into the house. The wooden floor is lifted up higher to avoid being flooded when the tide is rising at the beginning of the year and no one can walk through this way until the late morning every day. However, we think that it is like a charming attraction made by the nature in which we do not need to break this rule, but just let it go on the way it is.

Actually, the house has only 2 bedrooms which are not enough for the demand. Therefore, we divided an old kitchen into two bedrooms. Then it becomes totally 4 bedrooms with a good view because their location is on the river, Mae Klong riverside. Each room is decorated with local fabric and equipped with a mosquito net to enhance an atmosphere in traditional Thai style. Whereas, other corners inside the house remain at the same position with proportional separation in different steps of the floor. In addition, there is another bathroom additionally built at the balcony in convenience for serving the additional number of guests. In the bathroom, a bathtub is arranged which is very attractive.

The wooden wall with a bit hint of rawness is coated with white power to brighten up the old atmosphere of the dark-tone wooden house. The ceiling is reinstalled with smart boards decorated with patterns on the surface to duplicate a real wood plank, sized 1.20 x 2.40 centimeters. Then, the house becomes clean and easier for cleaning. Old windows opening for light from sun are 100% the same, but they are just repainted to be blended into the color of the house. Lace curtains attached on the old windows are still moving in the wind blowing. Nearly all pieces of furniture decorated in the house are the same, but we do the Reproduction by repainting them and neatly cut a sticker to make a flower for decorating. Brightly colorful fabric is added to make more detail for lessening darkness and rawness within the atmosphere. All red lamps are used for the decoration and arranged in different step to draw attention into this corner.

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