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Neoclassic design

With the perfect arrangement of the finest sculptural artwork and the beautiful landscapes of blossoming floras in the garden from a floristry, Misstar Café, can make a Fairy Tale Garden realistic. This garden is inspired by a journey story of a girl who has found lots of things throughout her expedition. The garden is landscaped and decorated by Khun Moch, Thatapol Prompan, a former stylist of famous Thai fashion magazines and Khun Joe, Chalermpol Chalermsukdee, a garden designer from Summer Show Home & Garden. At first, they do gardening as their hobbies at home, then their gardening talents are seen and stunned by visitors. A few years later, they become a professional garden designer by spreading words of mouth of visitors.

“We start doing the landscape work at our home in a simply modern style. As we into many styles including the Vintage, Classic, and Neo-classic Styles, so we start decorating our home and garden. We get available items and materials from local markets to decorate our home and garden in our own style and preferences. Once Khun Nat Miria Benadedty, a famous actress came to visit our garden and she wanted to have us decorate her garden. After that, Khun Ae, Cholsawas Aswahem, Khun Mai, Dawika Hone, Misstar Café and other stars including many other people had us decorate their gardens as well. These people make our hobby our profession. (laughter)
With their great deal of experiences and confidence in gardening skills, they eventually ran their own company, Summer Snow Home & Garden. Not only is their gardening concept focused on luxurious Neo-classic style but the vintage is also applied to make the garden as tender as possible. This makes the garden less decorated but interesting. Besides, the garden looks harmonious and outstanding in its own unique style.

The customer groups of this small Misstar Café mostly are teenagers, working people and a group of Khun Mai, Davika’s fanclub involving their family. Under the concept of “Fairy Tale garden” design, the building is designed to represent the castle with sculptures representing different characters and the curving arch telling a story. What’s more, a large fountain at the front attractively draws visitor’s attention to induce the sound of water fostering a truly relaxing atmosphere. The curving arch designed with pieces of sculptural artwork surrounded and some kinds of ivy plants depict movement and tenderness linking to the building. There are 3 main kinds of plants arranging around the building: The first major plants involving Carallia brachiate (Mungmee trees), Syzygium cinerea Kurz (Smed Deang trees), the silver oaks are planted as the second groups and the third ones are medium size plants and groundcover plants like roses, Petunias and Magaret enhancing sweet and colorful looks. In addition, the indispensable key is the decorative item like the fountain curving arch decorated with edging moldings enhances distinctive unique patterns.

“Before designing gardens the plan needs to be sketched in order to find out if the garden is harmoniously balanced. Then different kinds of plants are variously decorated and grown. Besides, we do not design the garden with the dead-end corners it needs to be outstandingly distinctive,” Khun Moch and Khun Joe added.

Being asked how they feel to become a garden designer, both Khun Moch and Khun Joe told us that they enjoyed doing what they were capable of and they gained experiences from what they did. When they decorated gardens for their customers, it is somewhat like they did it for their own house. That is why the garden needed to be refined in order to truly meet resident’s preference and style.

Story: พิมพ์ชนก เกตุนวม
Photographer: ธเนศ เปี่ยมหน้าไม้
Garden designer: คุณโมช-ธนตพล พรมแพน และ คุณโจ-เฉลิมพล เฉลิมสุขดี Summer Snow Home & Garden โทร.08-4566-5446, 06-1956-9878
Place: Misstar Café สุขาภิบาล 5

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