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Hotel des Artists, Ping Siihouetter

“We are visiting a brand new Boutique Hotel which is filled with the charm of a combination of Modern Thai style and a hint of Chinese style under the name of Hotel Des Artists, Ping Siihouetter. The owner renovates this hotel from an old warehouse and turns it into a three-story architectural building. The hotel looks outstanding with distinctively different from others. However, it can perfectly fit into the context of the surrounding of Wat Kate community, Muang District, Chiang Mai Province.”

Stories of the old civilization of the oldest Chinese-Thai people living in Wat Ket Karam Community contain with history and culture that remain auras of old dwellings hidden under shops around because once this area was a thriving commercial district of Chinese merchants. These merchants had cruised on cargo ships to the Ping River, the major river is like an arteries nourish the Chiang Mai City from the past to the present , and it still does not go dry. For this reason, it becomes an inspiration to create a boutique hotel called Hotel des Artists, Ping Siihouetter, a hotel that respects the culture of Wat Ket Community. The hotel is under the supervision of Khun Chalermchon Intue, one of the partners and team designers of the Hotel who tells us about the historical background of the hotel. “We do not add the name of the province after the name of the hotel because our hotel is on the riverside of the river which has been with Chaing Mai for a long time. The word “Ping Siihouetter” illustrates the image of Chiang Mai City at twilight time; and it is the time that the reflection of Doi Suthep and Chiang Mai City can be seen in the water. As only the outline of the structure can be seen, it looks modest and compromising with the surrounding environment. It is the concept of the hotel to protect streets and neighborhoods of this community area by reviving the past and bringing a hint of culture in designing together with identify under the unique concept “Modern Chioniseire.”

The design combines the application of Thai, Chinese and the Western characteristics together. The building has transferred out to a white Chinese tavern. The hotel is divided into two buildings separated with a court at the middle; the first part is a hotel reception and the other part is Café des Artists. The decoration theme is to illustrate the atmosphere in a traditional teahouse. In the rear of the hotel building, it is painted dark grey in order to hide it from the outsiders. The windows are designed to geometric shapes. There is a central open court decorated with a pond, carved stone and bonsai trees in which have been placed carefully in every detail.

Since this is a small boutique hotel, it has only 19 rooms. However, it provides full services including a spa, swimming pool, library and restaurant. There are three types of the rooms. The first one is Serene Room overlooking the lush green trees of the neighbors; the second one is Willow Room, the private room beside a Willows in the wind and the last one is the big size room, River Room, the room that has views of the Ping River and Doi Suthep.

With the skillful design and meticulous attention paid for every details of the architecture, interiors, landscaping, and lightings within the hotel, this hotel is like a gallery exhibiting pieces of artwork. It also provides friendship for guests with smiles and lovely service from the friendly hotel staff. Overall, this hotel is so impressive that the author wants to come back and stay at this hotel every time I visit Chiang Mai. Not surprising, right?

Story : บุษราภรณ์ หวานชอบ
Photographer : ธเนศ เปี่ยมหน้าไม้
Place : Hotel des Artists, Ping Siihouetter จังหวัดเชียงใหม่ โทร : 0-5326-0666

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By Oom, 25/05/2017
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