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Coolliving Farmhouse

Sounds of chickens wake us to welcome a new day in a warm sunlight and cool breeze that warmly embrace us in the morning. Varieties of vegetables are and the ways of farmer’s lifestyle are plentifully growing. We are opening a new day with pure ozone beneath the blue sky in the morning; it is brightly shining which is nice for all visitors indeed.

I am really impressed this morning with Coolliving farmhouse, a newest farm-stay in Wang Namkiow district. This resort was begun from Coolling, the brand producing organic products for over 10 years. At that time, Khun Sa Sarisa Pintong, the owner of the brand had an idea to build a homestay where something organic can be felt in every corner; from bedrooms, bathrooms and even dining rooms. Accordingly, everyone will be able to feel real nature and touch the traditional way of life all day long when you stay in this place.

The beginning of this place reflects the design that holds on simplicity and utilizes the beauty of the nature along with the local wisdom created by Ajarn Junlapon Nantapanit, the lecturer of the faculty of architecture at Chiang Mai University as the designer who made a plan for arranging all trees and designing the landscape based on the conceptual idea of the green earth. Kinds of organic vegetables and local trees such as Shorea Roxburghii, Millettia leucantha, Lagerstroemia tomentosa, Siamese neem Tree, Caesalpinia pulcherrima, Pink cassia, broken bones tree and Queen’s Flower are planted to make a small jungle surrounded by plots of vegetables and organic rice paddies.

The guests’ rooms are also created as lovely as a small clay house. Although the structure is made of concrete; the owner created the double-wall as a thermal insulator for the building. The roof and the wall are made of clay since it looks good, and it can blend well with the nature; it helps reduce heat inside the building as well. In addition, the area at the front of each house, there is a private swimming pool together with kinds of plants for cleaning the pool naturally instead of using chlorine.

The design really harmonizes with the use of non-chemical or organic substances. For example, shower gel and shampoo provided in each room are all hand-made from kaffir lime grown in the garden. All bedroom sets are made of cotton instead of synthetic fiber, and the Buckwheat Hull pillows which are good at providing coolness to our heads. Moreover, herbs with sweet scents are used for keeping away from insects and dust and as aroma therapy.

t activities at the farm such as walking around to see organic vegetable plantation processes and harvesting herb process, sightseeing architectural works and overlooking the view of the forests, lying down breathing pure air while soaking feet into the herbal water and eventually dining organic food like fresh vegetables and non-chemical meat cooked with natural process. Coolliving farmhouse can be a kind of simple lifestyle that people in the city long for. It is a relaxing place where happiness can be made without additional artifacts.

Story : วันวิสาข์ อินขลิบ
Photographer : ธเนศ เปี่ยมหน้าไม้
Place : Coolliving Farmhouse eco & organic living โทร. 09-6963-5655

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