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I always believe that another side of happiness is being surrounded by our favorites like artworks, collections, furniture and even home decoration. They may be different in forms but really can reflect our identity most. It is similar to the decoration of this compact condominium which is hidden with a hint of a modern loft. An empty room is decorated and filled with beautiful design together with full functions in need harmoniously. Although it has only an area of 30 square meters; it can perfectly feed the needs of urban lifestyle without limitation at all.

room into his favorite loft style. In brief, this style was firstly found in 19th century. At that time, it was the age of industrial revolution in Europe. The smartness and rawness were applied to make the whole atmosphere of the condo look modern and not to be so raw that cannot be easily functioned. “Since this condo has an area of only 30 square meters; it is such a challenging task for the interior designer to design it to have full functions as in other condos. A living corner, a dining corner, a cooking corner, a bedroom, a bathroom and a balcony should be well equipped within the limited area. Therefore, built-in furniture is seemingly a good answer for this small room,” Khun Mac tells us.

The middle space of the room is adapted most and covered with a brown tone. This area is set as a living corner and a little dining corner. The space is divided into functions; the first side is installed with the wall cover with authentic stone unpainted in smart and raw looking. The other side is installed with a built-in showcase made of wood and painted to enhance an antique look while all loose furniture is responsible for separating the space into functions. “Since the room is so small that not only it is difficult for the design work, selection of furniture is also a hard work because it is needed to fit well into the area of the room. For example, a sofa with the size of 1.50 meters is well fitted into the corner and the dining table with proper size is set for the space. All of furniture I chose is made of wood with a light tone because the overall atmosphere of the room looks quite dark; wood can add and create warmness and comfortable looking for the room,” says Khun Mac.

Lastly, Khun Mac told us with happiness on his face, “Living with what we love is somewhat happiness. We can stay relax all day long without feeling bored.” After taking all photos, a white curtain was partly opened. It uncovers those cactuses arranged to receive warm sunlight at the window in front of us and the view of the big city in the distance. This must be a simple happiness, but this happiness is full with value which is not limited only in a square frame as we can see with eyes.

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By Oom, 24/05/2017
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