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Keep the dreams moving forward “ปะติดปะต่อ” 2 ฝันด้วย 2 มือ

Those who spend times in the field of photography will be familiar to a young and talented photographer called Khun Faad Prasit Limpasatirakit of the “21 day Photo.” With his unique style of photography, he can draw out each person’s common trait in a photograph so well. Apart from being a well – known photographer, this man also has a latent in the role of an artist as well.

make collages under given themes. His techniques and ideas for creating each collage together with colors using to express emotion in the artwork make his collages become very prominent.
“Actually, I like art, but I can’t draw a picture. I’ve known it since I was a student. I had the fear of drawing, so I did not dare to do it. However, I had a chance to work for a magazine on art seriously. The work makes me realize that there is another type of art that we do not need to draw which is a collage art. That was the beginning, I have learned to try to be and have done it until now,” says Khun Faad in his 21 day studio about the background of his work.

After working as a permanent staff doing almost all positions in a magazine company for a long times, Khun Faad has discovered two favorite paths for his future, to be a photographer and an artist. Once he left the company to be a freelancer, he decided to keep both of his main freelance careers. He believes that both tasks are related, and they can make his dream and achievement come true without leaving anything behind along the way.

“I have started falling in love with photography and collage work at the same time. Not too much indulging with only one task, I plan my schedule for both jobs. Dong two things can help avoid the monotony and boredom of the same routine every day. In addition, the two tasks can fulfill the quality of each other very well. For instance, techniques of lighting and choosing background for shooting photographs can be applied with those of composition and color scheme of the collage work,” says the artist.

ration gained from immediate surroundings. All impressive pieces of artwork conveying his personal habits and talent through a chic color scheme and layout which help audients interpret and infuse with the works tirelessly and extensively.
In working life, each person may discover that he or she loves to do more than one thing. To get to know the other side of Khun Faad helps us realize that we can keep our dreams moving forward, and our dreams can be achieved without cutting anything off. Never give up, we have to sustain our dreams firmly and learn to live with them simultaneously. Then we can make our dream come true and be able to get such successes with our two hands

Story : วันวิสาข์ อินขลิบ
Photographer : กรวิชญ์ ศิริวิวัฒน์
Artist : คุณประสิทธิ์ ลิมปสถิรกิจ IG : 21daycollab

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