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Little Girl, Big Dream ฝันก้อนใหญ่ในมือเด็กหญิง

Beautiful thick lines in a dark tone take us drown deep into an imaginative image created by an artist. The charming western style is blended well in the artist’s blood. She has produced unique style artworks concealed with fantastic fairytale. This is the first chapter of “The Little Girl with a Big Dream”, the beginning path of a twenty-two-year-old young-gen artist, Khun Girl, Nicha Thaweechareonsuk.

Khun Girl has passion of art, inspired by her grandmother. It lit her passion to grow prominently. However, there are obstructions in every step of chasing her dream. She says, “I started drawing seriously after undertaking a university program in Fine Arts which is a pure science. After a while, I felt that it wasn’t me and my grade was getting low, it made me down. That was my huge decision to stop everything. I dropped the courses and threw myself away to find my inspiration in England. I went there to study, to see the artworks, and to learn how artists think. My journey there made me found my identity. I could see my dream path clearer and it was really like I could find my own style there.”
Her interest in illustration does not limit her artworks in only mural art, but her works also have become several things and can be transformed into several forms such as utensils, home decors or even illustration on the book covers. “The illustration can be on any places and can be developed into whatever we like in several forms—pictures in the gallery, products, or other adaptive objects. It is an advantage of illustration that we feel joyful and it is like we are growing gradually with it.” Khun Girl says.

The artist has brought her passion, hobbies, and what she found to express the story in her viewpoint through imagination. The work was newly created in the form of imaginative images with a dark tone influenced by western styles she got from her journey. She applied such styles with her own technique using watercolors to paint with wood colors. Sketchily, the watercolor was applied to create lines and then she built the details of shade and shadow with the wood colors in which she is. There existed Feminine style image that was sweet in a lady style but remained in strong illusionism happened from the story and the tone she has selected by herself.

“For me, painting can answer every life question. It is what we aim for our lives. It’s like the navigator to remind us all the time that we do this thing to create value and the future for ourselves. Our goal is to be a Thai illustration creator who is famous like Pomme Chan. So, at the moment, drawing is the encouragement in life for me.” I don’t know what the ending of this artist’s story is, but what I feel is the brave in life to catch her dream in the art career path. This is the tale of a huge dream in the hand of a young girl which impresses us ever after.

Story : วันวิสาข์ อินขลิบ
Photographer : อรรถพงศ์ สมวงค์

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By Oom, 27/04/2017
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