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Being an actor was just only a previous role of Khun Teng Nueng Kanis Piyapakakornkoon, a handsome man who has found that his true love is to make candy. He is the owner of a 3-story townhouse, and he has various lifestyles. He has changed his townhouse to be a home studio for candy making classes to begin another task of my chef career. He combines his love in simplicity of a minimal style with the rawness of the nature revealing through materials at hands. He uses such materials to decorate his house by himself, and the place has become a new house decorated by heart. It is a house of his pride filled with things that he loves.

The Beginning
“In fact, my family has another house in countryside. It was very difficult to go to work or meet up with my friend downtown. When growing up, I felt like to have my own house in my favorite style, so I wanted to buy a new house downtown; and it was the time that I found this house located in the same area in which I used to live when I was young. When I found everything completely fits my need; including location, transportation and old atmospheres, I decided to buy it without hesitation. After that, I gradually decorated it from part to part by myself. Now, it becomes both my home and my studio for a candy making class to begin another task of my beloved career. I can completely claim that it is my private space,”

“Inspiration is from my loving in reading Japanese home décor magazines. I like their styles and tones which are simple and clean. As I don’t like anything looking too neat, I still long for something raw, so I tried to keep the balance by combining an earth tone, a white tone and wooden works in Japanese styles together with a little hint of a loft style as I like. I chose everything by myself. I also designed it by myself, and I did almost everything myself from part to part, little by little from my private space like my bedroom, bathrooms and a candy making studio. Everything in this house is me and born from the real me.”

New Look
“For the structure, I do not change anything except the studio which is changed from a bedroom into a kitchen. All systems need to be reinstalled. The focus is at the interior decoration; you can see that there is no built-in furniture at all because I usually get bored so easily. Therefore, I want the design that can be moved all the time”. The exterior of the house may not look different from the other houses in neighborhood; however, with its functional design, this 3-story townhouse is changed to be a studio for candy making classes and a house for living in a loft style with a clean look revealed through the design which doesn’t look too much neat by the owner himself.

Planning to change my house to a home studio for candy making classes, apart from my private functioning area, there is another space for serving a group of those participants of the classes. Then, the second floor of the house is changed to be a small sweet cooking studio which is redesigned all new and airily spacious. Additionally, most functional systems in the house such as waste-and-drainage system and smoke ventilation system are all reinstalled for preventing bad smells and water leakage inside the kitchen. For the third floor, the owner created it to be his private space with a bedroom and a bathroom through the design looking simple but warm in a naturally beautiful style mainly focusing on being a living place.

The young actor changed simple things around him and redesigned them as pieces of furniture and decorative items looking simply beautiful. For example, wooden boxes are compiled together to make a bed; including, pieces of wood leftovers are adapted into a stool and a shelf. The brown tone of these natural materials goes well with a white tone and rawness of brick walls and harmoniously matches well with the black colored steel adding smartness into the house properly. Dried leaves and wooden branches decorating all over the area help provide liveliness and freshness to everyone in the house. It is such a combination with harmonious balance between clean tones and simplicity of the Japanese style together with a little rawness of a loft style which is transformed into a house to serve lifestyles and different looks of Khun Teng Nueng’s real characters so perfectly.

Story : วันวิสาข์ อินขลิบ
Photographer : กรวิชญ์ ศิริวิวัฒน์
Host & Interior: คุณเต็งหนึ่ง คณิศ ปิยะปกากรกูร

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