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Believe in Believe “ลิ้ม สมชัย ส่งวัฒนา”

When talking about the fashion in Thailand, one of the important iconic person influencing fashion society for over 30 years is Khun Somchai Songwattana or Khun Lim, the founder of Flynow, a fashion brand of Thailand which is well-known as a national and international brand. He is also an owner of the brand “Chang Chui,” a new empire of art and the battle of creative ideas among the new generations on the area of 145.5 square meters. I feel so honored that I have a chance to experience the power of eagerness, attempts, and creativity to go over the limited ability and get to the success without trading with money.

With strong resolution, Flynow has been standing as a leading fashion brand of Thailand and has never stopped improving the brand into the international world class. However, he has been getting through the walls and obstacles until nowadays to stay successful. He tells us, “When talking about Flynow, established more than 30 years ago, I need to learn about fashion deep in details and accumulate a lot of experiences to be strong enough by holding my target goal, eagerness, diligence, and attempt to achieve the success instead of following a capitalism. It is challenging to make Thai brand name achieve at world class level. It makes me realize that whenever we find out the answer of success, we have to try to reach the other greater successes.”.

It is true that we all have different dreams. This well-known artist-looking designer has been trying hard to get through the hard time, problems and obstacles by holding his belief together with attempt to win every battle as he expects until he has found out his own concept. “The meanings of fashion are variously defined by different persons. It is not different from love because we all have different viewpoints toward love. These things happen from beliefs and doing what we believe with the heart fully filled with wills.” says Khun Lim.

Beneath the sunglasses looking good on the Thailand fashion guru’s face sitting in front of me, he cannot hide his spiritual mind fully filled with creativity at all. After Flynow has been so successful, Khun Lim has launched a new great event for Thailand with “Chang Chui” Hub, a brand new lifestyle for art lovers which has been welcomed warmly by new generations continuously and will be soon opening officially. It is like a prediction regarding the current society that we all are eager to search for inspiration to pull out our real identity from our sub-consciousness to be capable of building our own way of dream. “Chang Chui” is like a place where any people of any age, young, middle or ages using the same to communicate with each other. Therefore, it is the center of art and lifestyles opened wide for everyone to bring inspiration back to continue their dream without spending any money while watching and touching the beauty of all field of art and industry of ideas.

“Nothing is useless” is the definition of the world of design by Chang Chui’s founder. It reflects the intent to revive the empty piece of land with an area of around 145.5 square meters to become an industrial source of intellects filled with spiritual minds of those who love arts to share ideas and move creativity forward together. As a writer, I believe that inspiration is a form of energy that can be transmitted to another. Talking with the creative in fashion design of our country today provides me new impressive experiences to be continued with the dreams in which I might have to fight with many obstacles to come in order to get success as the greatest award of life. It is like a short sentence mentioned in the conversation with Khun Lim “an obstacle is a hard question of every day; it is like a trophy of life, and a lesson we have to make it successful”.

Story จันทพิมพ์ ศุกรสุต
Photographer ธเนศ เปี่ยมหน้าไม้
Believe in Believe ลิ้ม สมชัย ส่งวัฒนา

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