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To give complete principles for designing gardens may take several days. If you knew this man, it would be easier to understand how to decorate your home gardens. . Khun Ko Natthanan is a good tempered man who has brought the knowledge on the interior design to apply decorating gardens for more than 15 years, and this makes his works outstanding and appeared on several books and TV programs of different channels.

“Actually I didn’t graduate in garden design. I have a degree in an interior design and had been working in that field for years. And one day I wanted to have a shop of my own, and I don’t want to be in a rush anymore, so I opened my Look Kaeo shop. Coincidently, we have a location in a plant market, and my products are mostly related to garden such as those for wall hanging, wooden shelves, and glass houses. After working in this field for a while, I feel that I like it, and the customers start asking me to design gardens for them. After that I have been trying to design the garden and I feel happy working with plants. That was the background of my work,” says Khun Ko.

With a passion for designing and he likes to apply materials around him with the work, whether they are old PVC tube, wasted woods, and unattended materials. This makes his works become unique. Khun Ko is keen on designing modern gardens. He likes to make a the garden as an outdoor room, one room allocated outside of the house in which residents feel comfortable and relaxed, just like other areas of the house. He also likes to apply different materials such as steel, wood and concrete with his garden decoration. This makes his garden look interesting and charming.

For example, this modern loft styled garden designed as a living space looks airily spacious; it allows natural light pass through as much as possible during the day. Also, it is a midnight garden since the owner always uses it at night. The garden at the back of a house is in an L shape and is framed with a steel walls designed in rectangular patterns, arranged with orange and black tones, and inserted a green color of artificial turfs to a comfortable look. While the Wall shelf is placed with potted plants that homeowner can replace or change them later. There are two additional rest corners; the first on is to enjoy the waterfall that Khun Ko designs it for freshness, and another is a simple one sided with a built-in seating bricks along the wall. At the same time, a lot of greenery such as Dave, Staghorn-fern, and Spanish Moss are hung around for freshness. The homeowner also shared idea with Khun Ko by installing white curtains which makes the area look fluttering and also helps soften the steel structure.

Besides being a garden designer, Khun Ko is also a TV show host. “To host a TV show is quite entertaining, but it is not so far away from being a garden designer because in a TV show I have to present techniques for designing gardens to the audiences to set and put the garden decors in theirs, ” says Khun Ko.

More than fifteen years that this man has brought techniques and knowledge that he acquired to apply in garden design, to design garden in several styles, to set and allocate the using space for the garden owner in order to get the most benefits, he always makes a perfect and harmonious dimension garden.

Story: พิมพ์ชนก เกตุนวม
Photographer: ชยพล ปาระชาติ
Host: เอกชัย เกรียงโกมล
Garden designer: คุณโก ณัฐนันท์ ศรศรีชล ร้านลูกแก้ว บางใหญ่ ตลาดบุญยง โทร. 08-6744-0286

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