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TREE RIVER HOME ต้นไม้ แม่น้ำ และเราอยู่ร่วมกัน

“I came not to destroy or change the nature of this land, but I come to live as a good friend, just as we put more important to the surrounding context and have an environmentally friendly design to have the architecture blended well with the surrounding.”

Khun Surachai Aunsirimongkol, the house owner of this place tells us the background of his vacation house on the bank of Tha Chin Riever with his tender voice and friendly words. The house is on the area of 5 Rais in Amphoe Photharam containing with more than 20 ten-year-old big trees which are like the heart and the lung for this house. “During the big flood in Bangkok, I casted away to live here, and after spending time here quite a while, I am impressed with the peaceful atmosphere, the simple way of life of riverside community, and traditional culture. There are all necessary facilities like hospital, shops and markets, though it is a small district, it is very convenient. Fortunately, the landlord here offered me this piece of land, so I decided to buy it, and I intend to conserve all the trees as much as I could from the first start.” The owner adds more explanation about the background of the house.

What the owner wants is implemented by Khun Sarawoot Juntarasangaram, Managing Director of the Scene Studio, he is the one who designs this house. He interprets it as a single story modern house using raw materials as main aspects for both interior and exterior decoration in order to blend the house with the nature. The raw materials used are exposed concrete, steel, Granite stone and wood which is the most important material. It is the owner’s favorite; he selected and bought it by himself.

“The proposition is concerned with the important of trees, so the design has to be in a flexible shape like a zigzag one extending to each corner of available empty land because it needs to get away from and give spaces to the trees as well. The building is set along the length of the river to get a good river view for every room. Planning the building this way, it can function as a dam in the flood season as well. The building floats up high and blocks the water away from the low land at the front of a house.”

For the function of the house, the spaces are managed well and divided into 3 main buildings according to the function, and all the buildings are connected with a semi-outdoor walk way which is very convenient. The centered building is the family space for all the members to share. It consists of a living corner, a kitchen, and a loft style dining corner. Each part is designed to be oversized; however, they look warm with wood decoration which makes the house look soft and livable. The leather and handsome steel furniture are mixed and matched well in this part.

The highlight is in the centered building which is the wide multi-purpose area by Tha Chin River that Khun Surachai specially requests it to be built as an easygoing rest corner and a space to hold the party among friends and visitors as well. The sunken seating is built to get a closer look to the nature, and is set with blue pads contrasting with the grey exposed concrete which makes this corner have an atmosphere as those in the resort.

The left wing of a house is set as a private area for Khun Surachai. The bedroom is decorated with the old wood as the main material to contrast with the raw look of exposed concrete. Likewise, the large semi-open bathroom is separated spaces for the bathtub in a mini room with a door which can be opened to enjoy the Tha Chine River view. At the right wing is set as the guest bedrooms in a well partition space for privacy.

Living with the nature is not only to gain happiness, but also we must not destroy or change those beauty of the surroundings. Like the concept of this house which is the example of living together the nature —the owner does not bother the nature, the trees and river give the owner happiness and peace every day and night.

Story: สุคนธา ฉ่ำมิ่งขวัญ
Photographer: ชยพล ปาระชาติ กรวิญช์ ศิริวิวัฒน์
Host : คุณสุรชัย อันศิริมงคล
Architect: คุณศราวุธ จันทรแสงอร่าม Managing Director บริษัท เดอซีน สตูดิโอ โทร. 08-1401-0135

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