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Barn & Bed Hostel

Walking through a city center at Sukhumvit 39, we become surprised because of those lovely designs of wooden buildings hidden in the middle of ordinary commercial buildings. A little Barn house in a big city with the beauty of a rural lifestyle is blended with the context of warmness to create a brand new residing place which is really good for our heart called Barn & Bed Hostel.

Barn & Bed Hostel was an old commercial building where the owner’s family used to stay. The owner modified it as times change, and it becomes a Hostel in a cozy atmosphere which is inspired by a barn house together with the passion in woodworks and simplicity of the Japanese style. Consequently, every corner of this hostel is filled with loveliness.

With a concept of “a little house in a big city,” the design is harmoniously linked both the interior and exterior parts together. The first thing that attracts the passers-by and seems like the beginning of warmth and affection is the renovation made at the front entrance to the hostel to look like a barn-house that leads all guests into the lobby which is decorated lovely with items such as hanging garden and dried flowers. The natural brown color of pinewood contrasting with a white color of the tiles really enhances comfy atmosphere. It seems as if we were completely stepping into a house in a rural area partitioned from a big civilized city only by a door.

The 4-unit commercial building is transformed into a dormitory-style hostel. The highlight of the hostel is the design for a warm atmosphere with the use of built-in furniture made of pinewood such as, a bed, a living corner and windows. Combining sweetness of the design through the pastel-paint wall, it can really reflect the real identity of the both female owners. in addition, the uniqueness of Thai style is inserted into the place by decorating the wall with Thai letters; including simple words with their transliterations and meanings for foreign guests to learn and get to know the city better.

There are different types of bedroom; 4 beds, 5 beds and 10 beds which are separated for males and females. Moreover, there is a space in the middle set as a bathroom, a dining room and a living corner for all the guests to share as in the other hostels. However, the most special thing of Barn & Bed is the connection between spaces and a small café called “39 Espresso” which is arranged for the hostel’s guests to sit and chill out while drinking coffee a good atmosphere in different corners.

As we are from Bangkok, we really like this place. It looks so warm and relaxing that we need to visit and stay overnight there. For the readers who love peace and beauty of Barn house style, don’t ever miss being a guest of Barn & Bed Hostel if you have a chance to come over Sukhumvit 39 area. I am sure that you will enjoy the warm and lovely atmosphere of a little house hidden in a big city that makes your heart filled with happiness.

Story : วันวิสาข์ อินขลิบ
Photographer : ชยพล ปาระชาติ
Place : Barn & Bed Hostel โทร. 0-2258-8849 Facebook : barnandbedbkk

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