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“This place is full of sky and water streams which make the place become peaceful. Charm of nature is put together with homeliness to create a place for accommodation with impressive moment in Ban Sang District, a small district in Prachinburi, only half an hour from Bangkok. It can be found with its rich natural charm and way of life of local people. These have woven an inspiration for starting the Arthit-Tara, a hotel hiding itself amidst peaceful natural surroundings beside Bang Pakong River.

Arthit-Tara is found by Khun Art and Khun Kop, the owners. They usually come to stay here for relaxing. Since they want other people to have opportunities to touch beautiful nature and appreciate the local people’s friendly ways of life they have met; both of them decide to make it as a hotel for guests. Both owners live here and also share rooms for new neighbors visiting. Guests are welcomed with Thai hospitality in which they can feel easy like staying at the relatives’ house.

According to the concept that reflects on the design of the house based on being natural and inserted with peace, each of the houses is named by the Four Principles of Gharavasa. The first house is called “Ban Sajja” which is the first wooden Arthit-Tara house. It is a single-story house on the river bank. This is a white wooden house with a half-span roof which looks like a house in the rural area. A bedroom is surrounded by a big clear glass wall displaying a full view of the Bang Pakong River. On the next door is a house called “Ban Tama”. This house is really suitable for a couple of lovers. The highlight of the house is a Jacuzzi on a semi-outdoor balcony. A compact size bedroom furnished with a soft mattress for easy living.

“Ban Khanti” is a two-story house where the owners stay in. Down stairs is used as a living room and upstairs is used for Buddha Image Room and a private room for Khun Art and Khun Kop. The last house is called “Ban Jaka” which is newly made for welcoming guests. A salt-lake is added into the middle of the landscape and it is surrounded by nature. This house has 7 standard rooms. The highlight of this house is a big suit room in a beautiful Thai style with a clear view of surrounding natures.

The most interesting concept of Arthit-Tara is living harmoniously with the nature and local ways of life. Although Arthit-Tara is built all new; main materials are old woods. Most pieces of furniture and decorative items in every corner of the house are all the owner’s antique collections. The most favorite corner for my guests is a ‘River deck’ on the river bank. It is built from natural wooden materials too. Apart from beauty, these kinds of materials have long life span. They can really make such a relaxing corner for this place by arranging a white wooden table. Consequently, you can stop by to absorb the beauty of the nature as much as you like.

Simplicity of a rural wooden house surrounded by nature and people who are full of beautiful friendship is a charm of peace that those in the town desire for. To stay here once is like being charged with energy for life again. Like what Khun Kob tells us with smile, “We neatly built Arthit-Tara by our hearts for everyone to revive their body and mind.”

Story : วันวิสาข์ อินขลิบ
Photographer : ธเนศ เปี่ยมหน้าไม้
Place : Arthit-Tara จังหวัดปราจีนบุรี โทร. 08-9949-1956

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By Oom, 11/04/2017
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