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“Cool simplicity and warmness is a definition of this living room since all materials including genuine and artificial ones are mixed together harmoniously. With Loft items hidden with warmness, this is a model living room of the project house, THE LINE, located at Phahol – Pradipat area. The highlight of Cozy Loft decoration style can be obviously dominated, though it is only one out of other functional corners within the room in this condo.”

Inside the living room, the functions are arranged like in other condos. It is decorated in a cozy Loft style in which the fun of this style is that of mixing and matching a lot of items with different patterns and textures together to reduce raw features of the room. However, some charming signs of rawness are still shown through the use of laminate and concrete textured laminate together which can really add dimensions into the wall behind the sofas. Using these alternative materials is so advantageous that we need not to worry about dusts caused by those authentic materials when they are dilapidated. The wall on the opposite corner is decorated with a black mirror with glossy texture that helps make the room look deep without damaging eyesight. This also creates a modern look very well.

In addition, all pieces of furniture are loose and built-in. All pieces are appropriate for this compact room with functional spaces. Next to this corner is a dining space designed into a small bar beneath the warmness of wooden construction materials with harmonious blending. Whereas natural light can get into the area through a big window that additionally enhances spacious atmosphere as well.

Place : THE LINE Phahol-Pradipat Call Center 1685

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By Oom, 03/04/2017
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