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“I always believe that a relaxing atmosphere very important, especially, in bedrooms where we spend time doing lots of things every day. The bedroom in the house project “THE LINE” Phahol-Pradipat in which I am taking about it is a very good example of bedroom decoration to be beautiful and livable with a hint of luxurious elegance and warm atmosphere inviting to lie down and have a dream.

With an airily spacious atmosphere of a bedroom with walls painted green, the room looks very cool. Additionally, the painting of Tropicana trees above the bed draws attraction and helps us relax. Another component like an off-white color is used as the main tone to make a compact bedroom as in other condos look more spacious. The room lacks of stillness however the decoration can be more luxuriously elegant by putting cornices on the wall to add softness of a feminine look into the atmosphere.

Additionally, warmness is added by engineering wood with a warm-oak color covering on the floor which is harmoniously blended into a grey color of rug contrasting to a white tone of the room and made the room look softer. Most pieces of furniture look simple but distinctive with materials such as a marble bed that adds luxurious elegance with details implying superiority. Moreover, a golden decorative lamp with glossy texture can indicate luxurious elegance very well. What cannot be missed is lighting system; both the down light and day light, to add warmness into the room as well as to create the whole atmosphere become relaxing and look completely different.

Place : THE LINE Phahol-Pradipat Call Center 1685

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By Oom, 03/04/2017
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