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Born to be Perfect แพร พิมพิศา จิราธิวัฒน์

“There is no specific rule for living life. Everyone has different goals in their lives. Success doesn’t come from the others’ viewpoints. Everything is happen by us. We can choose our own way of which we want people to remember. We try to be ourselves, and we make everyday life happy and have fun. These ideas sprung from my heart when talking with a beautiful celebrity, Khun Pair Pimpisa Jiratiwat. She is the eldest daughter to Khun Teerayut and Kun Chanada Jiratiwat, the executives of Central Hotels. Many people can recognize her well as a TV program MC.

Though I am a woman, I cannot deny her loveliness at all. Even our photographer also whispered that she is “very so adorable.” Khun Pair began working in an entertainment field when she was 14 years old. Those who follow her will surely know that behind her young age and a beautiful sweet smile shown on TV with her role of a DJ, her viewpoints and lifestyle make her a perfect beautiful woman. Our young guest made an appointment with us at the floor 23 of the Central Grand at Central World Hotel. She was appearing in a look of the Fashionista, and we cannot help falling deeper in love with her charming. “I graduated from the faculty of Architecture from Chulalongkorn University, majoring in an Interior Architecture, spending 5 years with it. Actually I want to continue working for my family hotels’ business and now I am helping Khun Pok Passornkorn Jiratiwat with the Post Publishing section including magazines. It is the way I can train myself for media works,” says Khun Pair.

Apart from helping her family business, at present, Khun Pair takes a role as an MC of a TV program, “Praew Society” and a TV Interior program in which she applies knowledge gain from her study with her work, though her job is not exactly related to her major. Moreover, she also has her own business brands, namely the “Girlsnations”, her own brand of fitness wears for woman and the “Boyfriend”, a cosmetic brand of hers and her partners. Our young guest continues, “The faculty of Architecture taught me to think disciplinarily and our idea can be apply with everything; no matter what major we study. Like the fitness wears and cosmetics, these businesses help me organize my thoughts with such a concept. Therefore, everything must answer the questions intimately set and linked together. Similarly, creating a brand is like constructing a building. When we have already built its structure, we are responsible to put characters into it and make it function as we need.”

As having been a working woman since she was 14, the way she manages her time is different from those people at the same age. For her, everything is quite similar to that of the multitasking which means many tasks can be performed at the same time. Khun Pair laughs before telling us that she has her own technique for her time management. Although she has grown up as well as her duties, this young beautiful lady is so lucky that her parents give her a chance to try doing many things on her way. “My parents do not just tell me what to do, however, when I have problem I will consult them and ask for their opinions. For me, I think doing business or living life is not limited with certain rules. It is not that of true or false when we start doing something. Sometime it might be good for us, but it might not be the right one for others. The most important thing is that we create such things by ourselves.” “Pair is a bit stubborn (smile) and self-confident. When I ask some people for some opinions, I have already had my answer, and I quiet believe in it. If those answers are different from mind, I still hold and believe in myself, but I will keep the others’ opinion and consider it respectively. Because my style is that of trying something new; if it doesn’t fit my type, I will change. Therefore, the highest goal in my life is doing what I like and try to make it successful. I don’t want to wake up with a feeling of don’t want to work. I want to feel fun and active to work in every day. I have never stopped learning even with something I have specialized in. For me, I want everyone to open mind and they may find the other things that they like because human is not limited to do only one thing.”

Although Khun Pair’s life is paved with roses, she chooses her own way of life to do everything on her own. It is not strange if I define her that she was that of “Born to be Perfect.”

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By Oom, 03/04/2017
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