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This duplex condo occupying an area of 150 square meters is on the 12th floor of a building in Jareon Nakorn area. The condo building is on a landscape surrounded by the Chao Phraya River. At this spot, the river view can be clearly overlooked. The owner is Khun Poy Pongsakorn Likhitpornswan, a young chef doing his freelance in cooking. He is also a design supervisor creating menus as well as operating system of a restaurant.

The story of this condo has begun more than 10 years ago when this young man was living with his elder brother. It is a big studio room at the lower floor of the building. When his elder brother left to work abroad, he was an only one living in this room. Shortly after that, his mother moved into this condo and lived with him. Khun Poy told us the background of his room. “After my mother came living with me, we decided to find for a bigger space. I had been searching for a lot of condos with different styles, and at last we found it in the same building. Since I am familiar with this place and it was posted a notice of sale with a reasonable price at that time, I decided to buy it. Formerly, this was an old room, more than 10 years old. At the first time we entered the room; it was just empty, old and dilapidated by time. Before renovating, I consulted with Fattstudio because the owner of the office is an old friend of mine; we used to study at the Faculty of Architecture of Kasetsart University together.”

After that, Khun Poy talked to the team of architects. Since he is working in cooking circle, he needs a big kitchen in a semi- loft style. A young chef continues telling us about the design. “For a concept of this condo, I put the characters of my mother and mine together. Most of my time is spent in a kitchen or a bedroom while my mother usually spends her time at a television corner in a bedroom or even in a living room. Therefore, Fattstudio thinks of what to do to make two of us meet each other although we do not have time to talk. Then, the architect decided to side the backs of the living room and the kitchen room to each other. My mother generally wakes up and watched TV at a sofa corner; meanwhile, I usually stay at the kitchen. That is all of what he thinks about.’

The former structural plan is replaced by new functions.. When walking inside, we can feel the airily spacious atmosphere; although its decoration looks raw with uncoated concrete. Warmth is given by wood materials and a white tone that occupies some parts of the area. The double-volume space is adopted into the design; whereas, some part of the wall is installed with clear glass in a black steel frame in a box shape. This decoration creates attractive pattern into the wall in which it also functions to bring natural lights into the space inside. Then, the area inside the house does not look cramp and uneasy at all.

This corner is arranged as a big kitchen to serve the young chef’s need. There is a long white counter leaning against the wall which is about 8-9 meters long. The important things for a kitchen are kitchen utensils; they are like the heart of cooking. This is also a corner for creating ideas for the owner too. Next to this corner is a dining corner where a dining table made from old Black Rose Wood taken from Khun Poy’s house and designed by Fattstudio. Next part at living corner, only one long leather sofa is placed to make it convenient to move around. Connected to a living corner, there is a built-in showcase made of concrete and attached with a drawer at its bottommost. The wall and the ceiling of the room are installed with engineered wood to make this corner look warmer and persuasive to live in.

There is an over-scale stair in a floating design leading to the second floor attached with a guarding hand rail made of black steel in a square shape to be well blended with the whole atmosphere. The room looks smart and raw with an uncoated concrete wall designed from the idea of Tadao Ando, a Japanese architect who is famous for his uncoated architectural design. To reduce an expensive payment, the owner has the builder smoothly plaster and polish the glossed wall and make the pattern of the wall as in the plan. The young man’s bedroom also looks raw and smart with an uncoated wall drilled with holes; however, the rawness is lessened with a laminate wooden floor in a brown tone; including, a wooden bed. In addition, the swing door and walls are installed with pieces of clear glass in a black steel frame. There is also a compact size balcony for overlooking a good view of Bangkok metropolis and bringing cooling air to the room under the concept of no-air condition living.

If we compared the design of housing to that of cooking, Khun Poy would be a chef who skillfully select and mix his favorite ingredients together to make delicious food. Consequently, all customers enjoyed his good food. As for housing design, it is certain that people will be happy to live in the house designed to meet their needs with the right atmosphere that fits their life styles, as those of this condo.

Photographrr : Mr.Korawit Siriwiwat
Host : Mr.Pongsakorn Likitphonsawan
Interior : Fatt studio 0-2690-0410

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