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Someone says ‘Love is like taking care of plants that it needs care with heart. If one day, plants and heart were to be deserted; the plants would die and the love would be not lively. Having been in a close relationship and familiar with greenness of trees which are like valuable heritage from his ancestors, Khun Kay Sapat Rakkitawan, a handsome young man with a degree from abroad, wants to keep all the trees the same, although the area surrounding him is replaced by skyscrapers.

With love and cherish in natural heritage, Naiipa Art Complex or “Nai Pa” is created amidst the civilization of a big city which seems to grow up as fast as the trees in Phra Kanong area. Trees are like the heart of the project. A 35 year-old handsome man looking calm and cool in his T-shirt and jeans is inviting us into his PENCAVE or a cave of a pen in which it is used as his Co-working space. It is a place for those creative folks. The interior is decorated with fun-looking details which are all designed by Khun Kay, as an interior designer.

The young man tells us about the story of this forest land, “my great grandfather sailed his boat to buy this piece of land. Formerly, they traveled on cannel. The land has been inherited from generations to generations, and finally it becomes mine. Therefore, I want to keep all of the trees remained within the land. It is the place that best reflects my family’s memory. Then, I talked to my family and consulted with the architect. Our conclusion is that we would make an art office that included 3 fields of arts that include the design, music and performance together. I want to share this happiness to those people living in the cities who are dreaming of nature as well as ideas and spaces together”

Although Khun Kay earned his graduate degree abroad; he decides to return to Thailand and makes his own business. He told his mother that whenever there is a concrete pillar put in the middle of the forest, he would return home at once. He tells us with a smiling face, “To return to Thailand is challenging. It is something new to me because I had a chance to share and talk with the architects as well as the home builders. I have got more knowledge about home building. I met engineers, I learn about the landscape and how to take care of trees in order to make them grow up strongly when they were surrounded by construction buildings. For me, everything is to continuously learn together to open our mind to different view in working which we hardly have a chance to do. Although it began from a zero; it is better than not doing anything, but keep asking money from parents”

Nai Pa Project is maybe only a fast beginning of Khun Kay as he is only 30 years old; however, he is so lucky that his parents give him a chance and believe in his vision. He continues, “Nai Pa is happened from a kind of love and fun to do it on my own. Like I said that my family members and I create this place together We started from zero; therefore, it is my pride and I feel good to help my parents work and share my idea with them to solve problems as well as to take care of it. Certainly, this thing will be with me for long until I get old. I would never feel so proud if I chose to work abroad and only returned to take over what my parents had already made for me”

As a writer, I feel that “Nai Pa” is like love which is blooming from healthy trees. In this place, trees mean relationship bounded with deeply sentimental among the Rakkitawan Family. In the center of a big city where buildings are growing up faster than trees; this place is a part to complete lives of those who are seeking for nature. It is the of ideas growing and expanding as tree branches that extend its cool shades covering the area. Consequently, Khun Kay also gives his regards to all visitors about environment, “every tree in here is love and relation. I want everyone to give love and care to all of the trees. Whenever you want to take photos, please do not climb up the trees and do not smoke. I want you to think about living together in society. I create this place and make it beautiful; and I want everyone feel its beauty too”

After our visiting, I truly admire this young man with all my heart. Concrete buildings surrounding us right now are gradually invading the green area of forest. This piece of land is surely cost a big deal of money; however, he chooses to keep these trees in this land. It is such a good pride indeed.

Place : Naiipa Art Complex tel.062 553 5345

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By Oom, 07/03/2017
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