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I still remember the first time I have visited ‘Little Tree’, a restaurant in a garden in which many people might get familiar with. To get into the restaurant, I have to ask the team several times, “We are lost, aren’t we?” Actually, we aren’t lost at all; its good location is just a bit deep inside to lure people to be in love with the place, before witnessing the hidden charming nature waiting to surprise us preceding to drowning into those beauties. For people who visit this restaurant for the first time, they might feel the same as I do.

This time, we don’t just visit the restaurant as we always do. What more special is the opportunity to visit Khun Wit Siriwit Riewbamrung’s house. The one who grows small trees called “Little Tree Garden.” People may not recognize that there is another building hidden under a green shade of trees in the garden. The house hidden in the forest is the beginning of the “Little tree”. Absolutely, we are warmly welcomed by Khun Wit who tells us the story of his house interestingly. He says that this piece of land is located on the bank of the Tha-Chin River covering the area of around 3 Rais. It was given to his mother by his grandmother 40 years ago. He has been living in this house since he was a little child. By the time that the house was built, many trees were torn down, so they planted more trees around the area of the house to make a forest garden atmosphere as we can see it now. Later, when his sisters got married and moved out, there are only his parents and him living in the house. Consequently, it is a very appropriate time to transform the old house to look new again.

“When I was young, two sisters and I always wanted to get the same room , so we had to draw lots to select the room. At that time, my two sisters were lucky; they got the room with a bathroom inside. For me, I had a smallest bedroom without any bathroom, and I always have been using this room. Now, my sister’s room is changed into a reading room. Since I like reading, I’d like to have a quiet corner for reading. I like decorating the house as much as decorating the garden; therefore I keep arranging everything through times. Most pieces of furniture are antiquely made from wooden materials given by my grandmother. Some of them are from my friends and some are my collections some pieces of furniture are the movable ones which easy for changing. I want to have a warm atmosphere house. As I am a tree lover; to have trees as parts of home décor can make my house become green and more relaxing”, says Khun Wit about this changing.

The house function is really to serve our everyday needs, so renovation is gradually made. Khun Wit chooses to renovate it room by room and spends quite a long time to manage it; starting from building a ceramic shop of Emily Tea Room, his sister’s brand, at the back corner of the house which is connected to the restaurant. As a result, the restaurant has two entrances. On the second floor the bedroom and the reading room are firstly selected to renovate so that they can use it when they want.

The little tree grows bigger through times, and the old house is gradually changed, but memories and smiles shown on his face while telling us about his small bedroom will remain onward; it must be another thing hidden under that shade of the tree.

Story ยุภาวดี บุญภา
Photographer ชยพล ปาระชาติ
Host&Designer คุณศิริวิทย์ ริ้วบำรุง

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