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Work-life balance สมดุลระหว่างงานกับชีวิต

“It is accepted that carriers in design nowadays have moved beyond its former limitation. The job has been playing a very important role in improving quality of human life. ‘Design’ is not found only in places for living, shops, restaurants and offices, but it is also included in creating furniture, artwork and other supplies designed to meet new requirements according to social contexts. Absolutely, design can reflect identities, tastes and personalities of the owners like this young Managing Director of Balance Interior Design & Contractor namely Khun Ay Wattana Kowattanaporn who also takes another position as an Interior Designer. His reputation and unique contribution have been seen countlessly.”

Balance Interior Design & Contractor has been initiated from his working experiences in an interior design and wanted to create a piece of work in his own style. In 2002, the young man decided to open his own company, and he started searching for a balance between work and personal life which is the source of the word Balance in his viewpoint. “I was in the balance; this is not a state of symmetric, but it is a balance between work and personal life, covering all categories of Life. ” says Khun Ay about the word “balance.

Behind architecture that forms a tangible shape, all were designed by the lifestyle of the residents. “Most of my work on each project is unique. I focus on the lifestyles of the house owners, so it is quite hard to guest what forms or styles or designs are to be seen. I do not have a certain signature for my design because I think I design for the owners of the houses to live in, not for myself. Therefore, my team and I have to try drawing out the real characters of the owners. We learn from their favorites, collections, songs, activities, beloved pets and even something that can reflect the real characters of the owners. In the past, I had designed distinctive buildings for some celebrities such as a house of DJ. Poom,  Poomjai Tangsanga, a house of Khun Tuy Teerapat Sajakul and an office of Khun Woody Wutthitorn Milintachinda. Each of these designs has definitely different characters,” says Khun Ay about the background of the design.

For Khun Ay, The beauty of the design is like a constant inspiration to live each day. Apart from travelling, reading and many events in his daily life, the young interior designer tells us with his bright eyes, “When something seems not to be able to get along well together,  we have to find out their dominant characters. Consequently, one of my inspirations is to set the characters of my customers as the principle to work. Generally, I specially pay much attention to lifestyles. For example, my latest piece of design work is creating a house filled with a number of collections including all styles like the Modern, Chinese and Louise styles together. I could imagine a picture in my head that if it is real it must be an Electric style that everything can be put together with perfect harmony.  Then, I searched for information and other supportive factors to complete what the owner already has in hand.”

Since the trends of designs keep changing all the time, and sometimes they may not immediately change to another trend but continuously and gradually move step by step. Therefore, this young interior designer needs to adapt himself and update all information all the time. Every year, he has to travel abroad to experience the atmosphere and to watch artworks. He will collect everything to continue working for his works. It can be said that a young man’s working and living live are always related to each other. It is absolutely what he tells us, “Work-life Balance”.

Story : siwanats Senaprathum

Photographer : Thanes Piamnamai

Place : Balance interior design โทร.0-2211-2045



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