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One floor is very cozy with your artistic fascination with gold trim potter renowned artists.
Story Sukhontha juicy mascot Photographer Danesh-fledged crossbow Host & Decorator gold came long ago.

From the studio that is inserted under the trees, a small stream flows through the Pak Chong district. To this day, it was almost two years ago, I visited the area with your artwork Nian gold or gold statues of famous artists. At this time, we come back together again in an atmosphere that is different from the original. But more is the distance that took us as far as Chiang Mai. First pictures of tall trees The sound of water flowing And the little house We are delighted to be coming back again.

The reason for gold to build a studio at home so far as Chiang Mai. Since relocating to the work of art I intend to look for a location for a quiet getaway. Even falling hillside land in Mae Rim. Which diverts water from the Mae Sa flow. You talked about how gold was starting.

“I chose to come here from the main location. This property has everything you need. I just squeezed it with him. Do not focus on building great to finally compete with nature. Or superior to the residents of this house. Not attached to a house that consists of anything. But I want to measure yourself and do something. ”

Little White House was simply designed. There are roof-friendly climate in Thailand. Material easy to buy affordable. The show focuses on the essence of the material Whether it is an old wooden frame and a white painted building. To keep everything in harmony with nature. The home page is adorned with trees form a beautiful and ancient wooden doors from India who serves as inviting us to go inside. The pattern of the glass frontages to create continuity between the interior and exterior nature. According to the landlord intended Gold, which is what you come to a special significance. Interior work is that he makes the house look beautiful and attractive in every corner. It also reflects the tastes of the person concerned as well. As well as furniture from different eras placement. The style of Louis Napoleon, not unlike a small gallery. Every piece of gold you choose to manually from Chiang Mai. Supplemented with furnishings that blend with the contours of the oldest as well. Is a work of art sculpted portrait of the uniqueness of your gold into building a home look more vibrant eye.

“Every piece of furniture is a personal preference. Most important is that I have not been organized in a pattern of any kind. It also modifies the living Bringing a wooden bed frame onto a sofa cushion. Even a reduction in the value of the marble table tops are expensive and costly. To blend in with the surrounding context. I was certain it was not complete. But it has sentimental value it enough, “Gold told you playfully.

The tone for the home you choose the gold with only black, white and red for the pleasure of living. Under is equipped with a ceiling height of 5 meters, which is derived from the opening to the roof structure. The decor is old and wooden beams. Dummy exude European style. The house looks perfect one. As well as the living area. Gold which you intend to MySpace flow and no door. Continuing from corner to corner, roundtables and certified bed before splitting into a bathroom stall.

Once inside, you are finished with gold team was invited to sit and talk with relish as the rivers of water. The natural canopy of tall trees obscured the sun, and will serve to create a calm voice, leaf waving and river. Before you tell the source of the gold that is.

“The house is now home side had to live with. I left this area to make a living. What do we sit all day. Do not put a large table and wicker chairs. Extra artwork with sculpture The floor is strewn gravel instead of cement concrete. No hassle at all ”

Sometimes the needs of the people, we just want a quiet cull. To release and relax the mind when we’re weary of various obligations. Naturally, it is often It is a one-man approach. But that approach may not have the means to change. If it is a combination of simplicity and humility like this house L & H.

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By Oom, 13/12/2016
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